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NASA Says ‘Apollo 18’ Not Real, Everyone I Know Says ‘Apollo 18’ Not Good

From what I’ve heard Apollo 18 suffers a big drop off in quality from Apollo 17, which many people consider to be the best found lunar found footage movie ever. Of course it has to be better than Apollo 16 which took place on Carl Weathers, but I was still hoping for a return to at least the form of Apollo 2, which everyone knows is the first Apollo film to actually take place on the moon – Apollo 1 having taken place on the moon’s mom (Earth).

What’s that? There aren’t 18 Apollo movies?! Good for you. You’re actually smarter than NASA gives you credit for. They’re taking a strict ‘no fun’ stance against this movie (which, if you’ve read Mr. Disgusting’s Review, probably isn’t such a loss).

NASA’s multimedia liaison Bert Ulrich explains to The Los Angeles Times, “[it] is not a documentary. The film is a work of fiction, and we always knew that. We were minimally involved with this picture. We never even saw a rough cut. The idea of portraying the Apollo 18 mission as authentic is simply a marketing ploy. Perhaps a bit of a ‘Blair Witch Project’ strategy to generate hype.

My favorite part of that is the “We always knew that” bit, lest we think NASA as a collective stumbled out of an early screening totally stoned and told all their friends, “Nah man, I think it’s real!

The article briefly touches upon other NASA/Hollywood collaborations so check it out if you’re interested.




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