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‘A Lonely Place To Die’ Leads To ‘Offworld’



Helming A Lonely Place To Die has paid off (aside from the fact that the movie itself is pretty great) for director Julian Gilbey who has just signed on to direct Offworld for producer Lloyd Levin.

The film promises to have a plethora of nasty alien encounters. Per Empire, ““It’s a kind of an intergalactic Naked Prey,” Levin told Empire, “a pedal-to-the-metal safari movie set on an alien planet. There’s lots of nasty creatures – some even on the good guys’ side.”

Levin has worked with directors of the calibre of Guillermo Del Toro, Paul Greengrass and Paul Thomas Anderson, so Gilbey should be in safe hands for his Hollywood debut. So why Gilbey? “A Lonely Place To Die is a movie after my own heart,” Levin explained. “I loved how physical and visceral it was.

David Leslie Johnson (Orphan, “The Walking Dead”) is writing the script.


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