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Adam Brody vs. Jean-Claude Van Damme in ‘Lord of the Flies’-esque ‘Jungle’

Variety reports that “OC” star Adam Brody will be going tow-to-toe with ’90s action star Jean-Claude Van Damme in a survival thriller shooting next month in Puerto Rico.

The duo will star in Rob Meltzer‘s Welcome to the Jungle, which “follows a group of staffers at a design firm who go on an office retreat to a tropical island, where total chaos erupts after they become stranded. A “Lord of the Flies”-type situation unfolds, and Brody’s protag is forced to match wits with the power-hungry leader in order to rescue his co-workers.

Rob Huebel, Dennis Haysbert and Kristen Schaal will co-star in the Pimienta production.


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