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‘Silent Hill: Downpour’ Developer Vatra Games Could Be In Trouble

Well, this sucks. I really enjoyed Silent Hill: Downpour for its remarkably creepy atmosphere and its glorious return to many of the things that made me fall in love with the series in the first place (great music, fantastic puzzles, an interesting story, etc.) and if Vatra had had the opportunity to develop a sequel I’m sure it would’ve been nothing less than magical. Unfortunately, the world is a cruel place and if a report by Eurogamer is any indication, the developer could soon be shutting its doors. Vatra’s owner Kuju hasn’t confirmed anything at this time, but they are currently “conducting a strategic review of all aspects of the business,” and “As part of this process, the on-going business activities of the Vatra studio are currently under review.” I truly hope the promising new studio isn’t shuttered because that would certainly be a huge loss for the gaming industry. Good luck, guys.

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