Trailer For Indie 'The Housesitter', The First In "The Demons Cross Saga" - Bloody Disgusting!

Trailer For Indie ‘The Housesitter’, The First In “The Demons Cross Saga”

Greentown Pictures, in conjuncture with Humungoid Films come The Housesitter, the first feature film from writer/director Thomas Ascenzi, and the first installment of The Demons Cross Saga.

In the film, “The central character Susan is from a family steeped in the traditions of The Trust, a tradition she rejects. However, spite of her scorn however she and her friends are not safe from the crossfire of this clandestine war. What was meant to be a bucolic weekend in the country turns into a bloody nightmare for five friends as they are stalked and terrorized by a monstrous killer.

Paul Tafoya, Brigid Kieran, Patrick J Martin, Misti Indiglia and Meghan Wing all star.