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NEW ‘Super 8’ Teaser Details, Spielberg/Abrams Collaboration Confirmed!



During this week’s news explosion, we reported that Super 8 would in fact be the Steven Spielberg/J.J. Abrams collaboration that had been reported on back in April. It has been confirmed that Abrams will be directing for Paramount Pictures, and produce with Spielberg. In addition, Vulture also got word on what is lurking within the code-locked trailer reel. Want to know what you’ll see attached to Iron Man 2? Read on for the spoilers.Last spoiler warning:

Now that we know this isn’t Cloverfield related, what is it? Well, the story is homage to the 70’s/80’s Amblin films that follow a bunch of kids who are shooting a movie with a Super 8 camera in the seventies or eighties. When they develop the film, they notice that there’s an alien creature in the frame.

But that’s NOT what you’ll see in theaters. That’s just the plot. Here’s what will play in front of Iron Man 2:

According to various descriptions, the secret teaser arriving in theaters this weekend shows a pickup truck jumping a train track and driving toward an oncoming locomotive. Onscreen text: “In 1979, the U.S. Air Force closed a section of Area 51. All the materials were to be transported to a secure facility in Ohio … From Producer Steven Spielberg and Director J.J. Abrams … ” The truck hits the train and both fly off the track. Sparks! Explosions! Abrams-style lens flares! We zoom in on one non-destroyed train car and hear something pounding the interior walls trying to escape. More text: “Next Summer. It Arrives … Super 8.

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