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Double Murder Podcast: Dinosaur Fish Hate You!

Danny! and Tim return to bring you the “Dinosaur Fish Hate You” episode of Double Murder: Piranha 3D vs Piranha! This marks the 3D time Alexandre Aja has had a film reviewed on the podcast. Will his latest effort, Piranha 3D, rank on par with The Hills Have Eyes (good) or Mirrors (bad)? How will it stack up with Joe Dante’s classic Jaws spoof, Piranha? But perhaps MOST importantly, what happened to the planned Home Invasion episode (Open House vs Don’t Go Near The Park)!?!? For the answers to these questions and many, many more, tune into Double Murder! Listen now inside, at our Podcast Page, or subscribe for free via iTunes (search Bloody Disgusting)!Double Murder: Where horror movies are pit against each other, featuring originals vs remakes, originals vs sequels, and more. Hosted by Danny! and Tim.”



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