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Coffin Joe Star Directs Short ‘The Devil at Lost Creek’

Get ready for the return of Sasquatch as Raymond Castile – who played the young Coffin Joe in the upcoming film The Embodiment of Evil – will be getting behind the camera for a new short entitled The Devil at Lost Creek.

Cara Barresi, Carlos Valenzuela, Carson Hackney, Sydney Hackney, and Castile himself as Bigfoot, check out the film’s official website.

Little Gary and Shelley live in a dismal world of poverty, trying to avoid their mother’s abusive, drug-dealing boyfriend. Their mother, Susan, hesitates to seek help, afraid the state will take her children. Gary and Shelley escape into an innocent dream world, trekking into the woods to search for Gary’s obsession – Bigfoot.

Children say, if you hit a stick against a tree three times in the wilderness, Bigfoot will appear.

In a moment of crisis, Gary calls forth a creature of rage, death, and destruction. Is it a demon or avenging angel? Not even the children are safe from its wrath. At Lost Creek, the devil is on the loose.



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