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‘Birdemic II: Resurrection’ Begins Filming Valentine’s Day Weekend

There’s nothing like discovering something wonderful before the hype. And even before Severin had acquired the “romantic thriller”, my friends and myself were absolutely obsessed with James Nguyen brilliantly terrible Birdemic: Shock and Terror, a film that should have been a replacement to The Room (until Severin just kind of gave up on the film).

Severin even used the Los Angeles premiere as a platform to announce a sequel, although nothing ever came of it…until now.

An insider tels us that filming begins February 15th in Los Angeles on Birdemic II: The Resurrection. It’s incredibly exciting, although knowing what to expect will definitely minimize the impact. Rumors were afloat that they’ve been working on a major documentary about Nguyen, I can only assume this is their chance to get behind-the-scenes footage of the director in action. What say you?Birdemic 2



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