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‘Child’s Play’ Family Featured In Rumored Spin-Off: ‘Revenge of Chucky’

Childs PLay 1988

Next to “Tales From the Crypt” and The Evil Dead trilogy, my favorite franchise growing up was easily the Don Mancini-created Child’s Play, Tom Holland’s 1988 horror film in which a petty thug possesses a “Good Guy” doll. I’d hate to see the story of Charles Lee Ray end with the comedy Seed of Chucky — I want nothing more than to see the devilish doll return to his sinister roots…

While rumors swirled of a reboot almost exact a year to this day, nothing has come into fruition. Nothing ever does, which is why the following should be taken with a grain of salt — although, it should be acknowledged that MGM – the franchise rights holder – has sorted their sh*t out, and has been moving on quite a few projects…

Our friends at Moviehole are reporting that there are reportedly two Child’s Play projects in the works: the aforementioned remake and a spin-off of sorts involving Chucky’s immediate family, Revenge of Chucky. The news came out of a reunion panel at The Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, North Carolina featuring stars Alex Vincent, Brad Dourif and Chris Sarandon.

Dourif, who is the definitive voice of ol’ Chuckster, confirmed that he’s involved in both projects but has not seen a script for the Child’s Play remake yet.

Don Mancini and David Kirschner have been planning to reboot the franchise for several years with Mancini both writing and directing. It is said that, if made, the remake will be a darker and scarier retelling of the original film, but one that will offer new twists and turns.



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