Kojima Productions' New Fox Engine Could Power Other Konami Titles, Including The 'Silent Hill' Series - Bloody Disgusting
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Kojima Productions’ New Fox Engine Could Power Other Konami Titles, Including The ‘Silent Hill’ Series



The engine that will be powering Kojima Productions’ future projects, including the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, is the brand spanking new Fox Engine. At the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary panel at PAX, Kojima discussed the new engine and its potential, which he said won’t be limited only to his studio’s games. The Fox Engine could be used to power other Konami titles, Kojima even went on to mention the Silent Hill series as a possibility. This isn’t a confirmation on anything, though I wouldn’t be surprised if development of another game in the longstanding survival horror series is already underway, but it does inspire some exciting possibilities for the next installment in the franchise. In case you need something to help get you excited about what this could mean for Silent Hill, head past the break for eleven minutes of gorgeous Fox Engine-powered Ground Zeroes gameplay.

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