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Yep! It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is on Thursday, which means dutiful consumers are already preparing for the Holiday Shopping Season. If you think you’re exempt from that, think again. Either you know a fellow horror fan (or family member) in need, or you want something for yourself! You can take this as advice for what to buy, or what to ask for.

This second installment (in case you missed MUSIC yesterday) is all about movies and TV. From big box sets to essential individual titles, there’s something for every horror-giver and recipient alike. Some of this stuff is on the expensive side and some of it is dirt cheap, and it’s all just a click away from being at your doorstep (and in someone’s stocking).

Head inside to find that special something for that special someone.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (Limited Edition)Blu-ray

List Price: $299.98 (currently $149.99 on Amazon)

There are several editions of this floating around, but I think the US edition is actually the safer bet. The UK edition is a bit cheaper, and is region-free, but there are apparently some glitches. And Amazon’s current deal of about 50% off is pretty healthy! Apparently the transfers of Marnie and Family Plot aren’t all that great, but everything else is fairly spot-on. Psycho, The Birds, Rear Window, Vertigo and North by Northwest are among the 15 films included. This is also the rare gift that’s sure to please not only horror fans, but film aficionados in general. It’s a safe but compelling gift. A sure thing.

Order here.

Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential CollectionBlu-ray

List Price: $159.98 (currently $128.00 on Amazon)

Also a safe gift for any horror-hound. Even if the folks on your holiday list only like “new” horror or movies presented “in color”, this is the perfect opportunity to buy them something that will force them to acknowledge the greatness of the classics. Most people would be thrilled to get this box, but it’s the ones who might scoff at it that need it the most. Make someone’s day or make someone’s life better by educating them. This one serves both purposes.

Order here.

Walking Dead: Season 2 Collector’s EditionBlu-ray Head Set

List Price: $99.00 (currently $64.98 on Amazon)

A big fat “duh” for any zombie fan who’s been nice to you this year. Even though the current 3rd season is heads and tails better than this, it’s still a great “catch-up” gift. And you can’t go wrong with this zombie head edition.

Order here.

Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector’s SetBlu-ray

List Price: $64.99 (currently $49.99 on Amazon)

Not horror, but a landmark genre film. This 30th Anniversary edition manages to expand impressively upon the previous gold-standard-bearing 25th Anniversary edition. This year Prometheus introduced a new generation to the sci-fi stylings of Ridley Scott. If you know someone who showed a keen interest in that vision, you could do worse than picking this up for them and furthering their knowledge of his universe.

Order here.

American Horror Story: Season 1Blu-ray

List Price $59.99 (currently $39.50 on Amazon)

One of the great things about “American Horror Story” is that you don’t have to watch the seasons sequentially. There are plenty of people out there watching the current “Asylum” incarnation of the series who haven’t seen the first year of the program. Be their hero with this box set (or treat yourself).

Order here.

Game Of Thrones: The Complete First SeasonBlu-ray

List Price: $79.98 (currently $45.99 on Amazon)

We don’t cover this show a lot on Bloody-Disgusting but it’s amazing. And it certainly has a lot of horror elements, what with its surreal white-walkers interspersed among its more “real world” violence. Did I mention violence? This show has it in spades. Sex? Roughly four to five times more sex than your average slasher film. Compelling characters? Absolutely. This is one of those shows I thought I would hate, instead I’m counting the days until Season 3 (Season 2 hits Blu in Feb).

Order here.


List Price: $29.98 (currently $13.99 on Amazon)

Probably the most essential of the non-box-set Blu releases of this year. What could be more important than owning one of the best horror films of all time – one of the best films of all time, period – on a Blu-ray that utterly revolutionizes they way you see the film. This is an astounding transfer. I’ve seen Jaws at least 50 times but I’ve never seen it like this. You know how sometimes people say something like that, and then you check it out to find that the difference is almost imperceivable? This isn’t the case here. It really is NIGHT AND DAY different.

Order here.

The Cabin In The Woods – Blu-ray

List Price: $39.99 (currently $19.99 on Amazon)

The best studio horror film of the year gets a great Blu release. It’s also a perfect gift because, while it wasn’t a huge hit, it still has inherent mass appeal. It’s funny, entertaining, smart, violent and has great characters. The bonus features on this disc aren’t exactly slouches either, the highlight being the Drew Goddard/Joss Whedon commentary track. A can’t miss.

Order here.

Alien AnthologyBlu-ray

List Price: $69.99 (currently $19.99 on Amazon)

No, this didn’t come out this year. But, again, Prometheus did. In addition to Blade Runner, owning Alien is essential to any new Ridley Scott convert. Bonus? You also get James Cameron’s arguably superior Aliens, David Fincher’s interesting Alien 3 and the truly abysmal Alien: Resurrection. You also get probably the best bonus features I’ve ever seen in the form of the epic supplemental documentaries. Plus, there’s two different versions of each movie. Also – look at that price tag!

Order here.

Dexter: The Sixth SeasonBlu-ray

List Price: $65.99 (currently $41.93 on Amazon)

I actually hated the Sixth Season of “Dexter”, but you’re not buying this for me! Basically, if you know a “Dexter” fan – this exists!

Order here.

Rosemary’s BabyThe Criterion Collection Blu-ray

List Price: $39.95 (currently $29.99 on Amazon)

I wish I had this one already, why don’t I? Roman Polanski’s terrifying (and terrifyingly funny) pregnancy horror is a true classic that has been lovingly restored by the cineastes over at Criterion. In addition to remastered picture and sound, the disc also contains a new documentary featuring interviews with Polanski, actress Mia Farrow, and producer Robert Evans.

Order here.

Halloween III: The Season Of The WitchShout Factory Blu-ray

List Price: $29.93 (currently $23.70 on Amazon)

Rekindle someone’s nostalgia with this underrated and misunderstood (and gloriously mean) “sequel.” The result of a desire to spin the Halloween brand off into an entity that wouldn’t rely on the character of Michael Myers to survive. This glorious reissue contains two audio commentaries, a making-of documentary a still gallery and much more. Show a horror fan you know what’s up when they find this in their stocking.

Order here.




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