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5 Incredibly Painful Death Scenes!!!


While there’s no shortage of Troma-inspired gore in Super, the moment that’s hardest for me to watch takes place about 30 seconds after the above still. Once Rainn Wilson’s Crimson Bolt gains the upper hand on Michael Rooker’s Abe, he begins smashing the back of his skull against the brick-lined base of that fireplace. Again and again and again. You hear bones shatter and you can actually see the structural damage rearrange Abe’s facial features before you get a glimpse of the more severe damage that’s been done to the receiving end of his skull.

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  • divisionbell

    Nice list. I’d also have to say that Chewie’s death in F13th involving a screwdriver slowly being pushed into this throat was pretty intense. Also, Andy in the new TCM having his leg sawn off, packed in salt, then hung on a hook for most of the movie, tries painfully to get off of it several times, only to get stabbed in the stomach with a rusty blade to be a pretty painful death.

  • Marty McFly

    Nice to see the Friday remake getting the recognition that it deserves. Too many people rag on this movie when it was actually pretty well done when you consider it. I loved that sleeping bag death but the machete into the skull of Richie trying to get his leg out of the bear trap was the icing on the cake. Hostel 2; terrifying scene, you really do feel bad for her when that part happens. I hate the sound of the sickle scraping against her skin!!! AHHH!

    • Aaron Emery

      Right?! I’m a big advocate for the F13 remake, hell it felt like more of a Friday film than some of the sequels!

  • evenscarier

    The sloth murder in Seven, and anyone who gets eaten by the squid in Deep Rising. (“ drinks you..”)

    • dangerzone79

      Sloth is the only one in Se7en that DOESN’T die.

      • evenscarier

        He dies at the hospital, but could you imagine?

        • DisturbedPixie

          oh yeah, he was like that for a month right? Just awful. All those deaths were awful. The one that always disturbed me the most was lust though, as a woman.

  • I never finished Hostel 2 because of the Bathory scene. I actually left the theatre, considered it six bucks wasted, went to a church for the first time in years, and then took 2 showers. Very rarely do I find myself that repulsed by things, but that scene in Hostel 2 easily counts as one of them.

    • betz

      …walked out??? wow! must not watch many horror movies

      • Actually horror films are the vast majority of what I do watch. The reason I walked out during that scene wasn’t because of the gore, but because of the “mental rape” implied in that scene.

        Here was a girl, shy, sweet, actually innocent on all counts, and the second she started to open up and trust people she gets abducted, stripped of all dignity and hung nude, and then murdered slowly. I can handle most gore in horror films, rather enjoy it in most regards, but the extent of it done to the Lana character went beyond standard horror fare to a debasing quality.

        It’s the same reason why I won’t watch the De Sade cult film nor A Serbian Film. There are just certain scenes where I as a viewer draw the line.

        • betz

          De Sade? is that salo? 120 days?

          • betz


        • sweetooth

          Everything you listed here is why that scene was my favorite one in the movie. If only more horror was made to actually disturb and terrify…

          • betz

            YES!! ^

        • djblack1313

          Gavin Dobbs, i agree w/ you. horror movies are my main genre but there’s some movies that i won’t watch for various reasons (the reason you posted is definitely a valid reason). i don’t think horror movies NEED to be disturbing to be “good”. i’m not saying they shouldn’t make disturbing horror movies but just because someone doesn’t want to watch a young boy being raped by his father (SERBIAN) or watch an innocent girl being tortured/mentally or physically raped doesn’t make that person a lightweight (this is directed at you betz).

          • Thank you Black. I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to go through Netflix lately, but there’s a whole “human trafficking” genre that has seemed to replace to torture porn genre. I won’t touch that either because, as you said, there is a line in my tastes between disturbing and an act that qualifies as debasing the human condition.

            My horror films have always been more towards Sinister, Insidious, In the Mouth of Madness, Event Horizon, Jacob’s Ladder, etc. I even love the campy kill vibe of House of 1k Corpses and Devil’s Rejects. I just never have, nor do I feel I ever will get into the entire “rape, maim, and squeal in enjoyment over the broken corpse of an innocent.”

          • evenscarier

            I agree with both of you. I tend to favor alot of older films for this reason.

        • doomas10

          I so much agree with you.

          • betz

            its all fake

        • DisturbedPixie

          while I have never walked out of a horror film, I did consider it during House of 1000 corpses and Hills have eyes remake, I see what you mean. I have watched my share of disturbing horror films featuring rape, and I think that’s a totally different style and not something I particularly enjoy watching. I prefer ghosts over sexual trauma or graphic torture in my horror films. And I don’t particular like ghost rape. Though I have sat through and didn’t dislike Martyrs, Hostel 1&2, Human centipede, girl next door, Demon seed, spit on your grave, last house on the left, the woman, etc. I still would always choose less graphic horror films that rely more on jump scares than sickening moments. I don’t think disgusting or sickening is scary, though I see how it’s horrific. Some films I just don’t want to see like Serbian story/cannibal Holocaust and even enter the void, because incest/rape is frankly too close to home for me and killing a monkey on camera… twice… is f-ed up.

    • Ravinus

      You sound like a fucking douche bag.

  • Lonmonster

    Love that moment in Super. Great movie.

  • Aaron Emery

    For some reason the slow stabbing at the end of The Strangers really got to me. Also Anna in Martyrs, what a LONG painful death that was.

    • EvanDickson

      @Aaron_Emery yeah both of those are great candidates for the next installment of the list.

  • sweetooth

    Yeah I think Martyrs takes the cake here, that seemed like it was stretched out over months.

  • anezka

    In my opinion, the most painful death in Hostel 2 is the guy who is being eaten raw. I know that this one is not totally shown, but I always feel it must have been long and painful.

    I would also include the scene where the guy is left to have his eyes eaten by birds in the remake of I Spit on Your Grave.

    • SuperKilla

      I agree, that scene hit me harder gore wise, but the girl upside down was more feeling bad for the girl.
      BTW that was the director of “Cannibal Holocaust” that ate that dude alive and I’m surprised nobody mentioned the penis severing scene Ouch!

  • BadCrumbs

    A Serbian Film. There’s not a death in that movie that is quick and painless nor easy to watch.

  • Irreversible. Fire extinguisher. Ouch.

    • SuperKilla

      Yeah, that shit looked real and painful.

  • italianzombie

    F13TH Pt 5 – when the well endowed female and the guy are screwing near the tree – the guy has that strap pulled across his eyes and wound until his eyes pop.

    • djblack1313

      italianzombie, that kill in F13 pt5 is definitely worthy in this list. it’s a great kill and looks so painful!

      i also agree w/ those who said Anna’s prolonged, hard to watch torture is a good choice for the list.

    • SuperKilla

      That scene was amazing and disturing. Even though Jason is not the killer that has some of the best kills of the franchise.

  • djblack1313

    i haven’t seen many on the list but as much as i DO love the F13 reboot, Amanda’s kill was the only one that did not seem Jason-y to me. it’s an interesting and somewhat hard to watch (somewhat) kill but Jason wasn’t about torture. he just wanted you off his land/home.

    Lorna’s HOSTEL 2 death is definitely worthy of the list. Heather did an amazing job in that movie. she was so likable and sweet. when she’s upside down and we hear her calling out for her mom….my heart broke. i SOOOO desperately wanted that cunt who did that to Lorna to get her comeuppance. that’s the thing i hate about the HOSTEL movies. is the main “bad guys” never get their comeuppance. lol.

  • Aaron Emery

    Another one that always slips my mind is R. Lee Ermy’s death in Willard. Chewed up by rats, now that’s a terrible way to die!

  • Joe-Banger

    Did anyone mention Jeepers Creepers? At the end Daryl is tied up naked and screaming while his eyes are slowly being pulled/clawed out of his head! Ouch!

    • djblack1313

      Joe, you mean Darry, not Daryl. just sayin’. lol. i that one IS disturbing (those screams!) but i also thought Darry was killed before his eyes were removed (only by a few seconds). we don’t actually see the Creeper removing his eyes (while alive or dead).

  • SuperKilla

    I thought the kills in Hostel 2 were more brutal than part 1. Part 2 has it’s flaws but as a film I like it better than part 1. Robocop was a good choice, not too many death scenes scarred me like that one. F13 remake was better second time around but IMHO nothing memorable. Heres some kills I think were hard to watch or just plain sick first time around.

    1.”Nightmare on elm St.Part 3″- Puppet kill.Freddy uses the boy’s veins as strings. ( Foot shot was awesome)

    2.”Imprint” The girl is hung upside down and needles get shoved in her gums and fingernails.

    3.”Final Destination 3″ The nailgun from behind through the head and face.

    4.Tie -“Zombie” The eyeball scene !!!!- “Day of the Dead” – Joe Pilato gets ripped in half.

    5.”Hellbound:Hellraiser 2″ – The man slices himself on the bed.

    6.”Inside” the birth scene at the end.

    And many “Saw” Kills – The key in the eye scene from part 2 was hard.
    there’s so many more it’s hard to list them all!!!

    • Agree with all of this. God that scene in Elm Street part 3 is so well done.

      • BloodAndSuspense

        Especially the puppet coming to life. I loved the animation in that.

        Ugh, it looks so bloody and painful. His veins are ripped out to the point where he looks like he’s about to bleed everywhere and fall apart. I feel sick when I watch that scene.

  • Zombie-Killa

    In no specific order……

    – Candice’s death in Final Destination 5. Remember, the girl, who had the “accident” at gymnastics practice? Ouch! That scene still makes me cringe.

    – Michael killing the electrician at the power plant in Halloween 4. It’s just one of those deaths that look so painful, and I always laugh, when the electrician says “okay, I’m on the phone to the police right now, and don’t you even think about going anywhere.” And he actually turns his back, because he thought Michael wasn’t going to move! Lol. what a dumbass.

    -Kia’s death in Freddy VS Jason was pretty brutal. Although, Kelly Rowland was TERRIBLE in that film, so her death felt kind of necessary.

    -Silent Night, Deadly Night 2- Ricky kills Jennifer’s pompous ex-boyfriend (I forget the name of the character) with the jumper cables. SNDN 2 might be the black sheep of the franchise, but that particular death is just unforgettable.

    – Judge Dredd 1995- that half-man/half-robot outlaw kills Chief Justice. Yeah, I know, the original Dredd is a turkey, but it’s just so brutal and gory, when the android (or whatever he might be) shoves his weaponized arm through Chief Justice’s chest. Of course, Stallone went apeshit, and fought back.

    • SuperKilla

      That was awesome in FD5, I mentioned FD5 in my list for best endings, so I didn’t want to mention it on this list but I’m glad someone else. Fuckin awesome!!!!

      • zog71

        Not going to lie, but as with most of horror franchises I just don’t much care for most of the sequel, although some are pretty good. The Final Destination sequels, other than the 2nd, just didn’t do it for me, but will say that the gymnastic death scene did make me squirm in FD5, and I did like that it wound up being a prequel rather than a sequel. Unless I missed it, I didn’t know that it was going to be a prequel. Surprised the hell out of me.

      • Zombie-Killa

        Oh, and the crunching sound, when she literally folds in half! Ugh, I might have to pop in my DVD later, because I can’t get it out of my head now!!!

        zog71, I understand where you’re coming from, and you’re not alone in not knowing it was a prequel. I didn’t fully grasp the crash at the end, and I didn’t have a full understanding of it, until I went home after watching the movie at a theater, and I read the details on wikipedia. lol.

      • SuperKilla

        @zog71 Don’t think they sold it as a prequel which was smart cause’ no one expected it. I think that was one of the best endings to any film in a long time.

  • Joe-Banger

    dj, No I meant Darlyl not Darry. Darry was the abbreviation his sister used for Darlyl. I own that movie on dvd and I can almost remember almost every line word for word. Ive seen it multiple times. I love the originality of it. Help me think of a film to add to Evans list that has an original or truly evil death scene! Im thinking Evil Dead!

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Great choices! As mentioned above, ‘Martyrs’ should definitely make the next list. Also, ‘Grimm Love’ was a pretty gruesome; can’t believe it’s based on a true story. The death/dinner scene is one of those scenes I can’t watch again.

  • wildgator25

    Rhodes being pulled apart in Day of the Dead was quite disturbing to me for a long while. The sound he makes as he’s being pulled apart at the neck is hard to get out of your head.

  • wildgator25

    And the mental patient who is given the straight razor on Hellraiser 2. That shit tore my little 13 year old mind straight the fuck up.

  • SuperKilla

    Human Centipede 2, the hammer bashing the teeth and the cenipede up the butt was real cringe worthy.

  • KingJamesRichard

    I always thought F13 part 3 had some painful looking death scenes. The harpoon through the chicks eyeball. The dude getting his head squeezed till his eye popped out. And my personal favorite, when Jason chops the dude walking on his hands right down the middle….ouch.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Can’t wait to see more of this article.

  • doomas10

    What about the alien chest burst scene? that’s a pretty painful way to go. For me, I still cringe very time I see this. Also, it is not a horror movie but Bill’s death in Kill Bill is actually pretty spot on if you think about it. Your heart explodes? the implication is tremendous!

  • secretsquirrely

    Great list. I’ve always found the death in Mirrors highly uncomfortable, when the chick rips her own jaw off. It’s so painful, and that expression on her face is insane.

    I’d also have to say that Ellen Page’s shotgun blast to the face in Super is heart gripping.

    Apart from that the very end of the world in Melancholia just destroyed me in every way. That was one of the most powerful moments I think I’ve ever seen on film.

    Looking forward to future installments of this. Don’t make them too far apart, you have so much to present us with!

  • Evan3

    Seriously, no Youtube clips? Also, no Alien? For real? I think having a facehugger attached to you for 24 hours and then having your chest burst open is the worst way to go.

  • MinaDoll7

    I agree with @doomas10 and Evan3, having your face RAPED BY A FACEHUGGER (AND SUFFOCATE) THEN LATER HAVE A BABY ALIEN FORCE ITS BIGASS HEAD OUT OF YOUR GUT? I feel sick thinking about it! Those scenes never fails to make me cringe!

  • Beezle2112

    Though not a horror film, the death scene of William Wallace is gut wrenching and traumatic with its implied drawing after seeing him half-hanged. Scene still gets to me when I see because of its brutality and its message that sometimes the human spirit can not be corrupted.

    That and many of the battle scenes are just gruesome in that movie.

    • Beezle2112

      Crap, forget to mention the movie was Braveheart. Might not have had to, really, but just in case.

  • What about that Jesus guy in The Passion?

  • Thank you guys for mentioning Alien. Also, the Human Centipede victims?

  • Lucky7shots

    Michael Fassbender as Bobby Sands in “Hunger.” Death by starvation and just watching his agony is not something easily comprehensible, though it was for a good cause. Also, “The Rack” trap in Saw III would be excruciating to be in. Having each of your limbs slow twisted till they snap can not be a pleasant feeling. Martyrs of course is a must have.

  • Falk

    The razor blade death in bloody reunion was both painful and original. Both martyr and the hostel series are overrated.

  • Shelley n Kennedy

    all of these are copied from an article in, most surprising deaths. 2 & 3 are from other contributors, the rest are mine.
    1- i don’t find maximus’ death in gladiator so harrowing, i like that he’s reunited w his family, which was his fondest wish after killing commudus. and not even commodus’ death, except for the fact that i cheered in the theater (yes! still!!). but one major shocker is the one golden-dressed female gladiator hewn in half by the horse drawn carriage-o-death during the “battle of carthage.” an EXCELLENT pause-and-slo-mo point in the movie!!
    2- Let me throw a funny one on just because I see him sometimes at the place I work, Keith Loneker as White Boy Rob running up the stairs to kill George Clooney when he falls and shoots himself in “Out of Sight”.
    3- wash from serenity
    4- harvey keitel by sportscar, after he tries to kill bridget fonda in point of no return…? 🙂
    5- the opening scenes of ghost ship? a gaggle of dancers on the deck, songstress crooning in italian, then a thick wire is yanked thru the entire party (minus 1), slicing everyone in half in a split second??? it makes my eyes roll back at the thought!
    6- another one– resident evil. when the mercs are locked in the hallway w the computer grrrl sending lasers back and forth. as shade prepares to jump up or down during the next pass, the lasers turn into a chainlink pattern and he crumbles down into a pile of stew meat…
    this i thought of reading the above comments- in final destination (i THINK?) 2, in the field,the girl in the car is impaled by a shard of pvc when the rescue worker inadvertently activates the car’s airbag; the car blows, and the stoner dude is sliced thru w the razor-wire fence. more rewind & slo-mo moments! 😉

  • manonthemoon

    The hammer kill in Kill List. So brutal I swear I could feel it.

  • BloodAndSuspense

    It’s not a horror film, but Looper constantly has something so unsettling about it. It was brilliant, but the concept of damaging someone’s body to the point his future self starts falling apart traumatises me so much I cannot bring myself to watch the film again.

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