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5 MORE Horror Movies With Amazing Endings!!!

When it comes to endings, sometimes you’ve got to take the advice of Jesus (as played by Jerry Cantrell in Jerry Maguire) and hang your balls out there to be great. So while all of these endings are awesome, most of them aren’t exactly happy. It’s not that I’m against happy endings, but often they clash so harshly with the film’s overall tone and theme that you just know they’re tacked on compromises.

A few months ago I wrote a piece called 5 Horror Films With Amazing Endings and you guys had a lot to say on the matter. So I decided to incorporate some of your suggestions into the sequel, 5 MORE Horror Movies With Amazing Endings (there’s also 5 Horror Movies With Horrible Endings and 5 MORE Horror Movies With Horrible Endings if you’re feeling the hate)!

Head inside to check it out. And submit your comments for which amazing endings should make the next round!


I’m not a huge Saw fan, but I can’t deny this ending. It’s a true masterstroke when that guy who’s been dead in the room the whole time is alive. It might be a spotty movie but, not only does it nail this ending, the ending essentially cements Jigsaw as an icon. Nice double-tap!


October may have been a little early for me to include this on the initial list, but now it’s almost a year after the film’s release and I’ll be damned if this isn’t emerging as an ending for the ages. I mean, not only does Sigourney Weaver’s “Director” explain what’s happening in the film, she’s able to touch upon the very essence of our bloodlust as an audience. The Cabin In The Woods is, in part, a movie about why we like to see young people slaughtered onscreen. Bonus? The film actually has the balls to follow through on its apocalyptic premise. Fran Kranz and Kristen Connolly lighting up a joint as the Gods destroy the earth… I can’t think of a more apt metaphor for the way in which our society is currently deciding to spend its time.


I know there’s a contingent of you guys that hates this move, but I’m still not sure I understand why. Not only does it have the madcap spook-a-blast energy of Evil Dead 2 and Army Of Darkness, it also has an amazingly fun “downer” ending. If you’re dealing with cursed objects, my advice would be to properly label the envelopes in which you contain them. If not, your well meaning boyfriend’s act of consideration could literally send you directly to hell. Whoops!


That’s another one for the fire.” Even if the zombie apocalypse is over, we kinda get the idea that humans are going to continue being goofy assholes. The death of Duane Jones’ Ben is a harbinger of things to come.


This ending is amazing for two reasons. The first of which is that it’s such a knock-out a crowd pleaser, the likes of which you don’t normally find in films this dour. The second reason is that this crowd pleaser ending actually is incredibly dour. Sure, it’s nice to see Eli rescue Oskar from those bullies at the pool in such a thoroughly vengeful and satisfying manner, but consider the consequences. As the subsequent exchange on the train points out, Oskar isn’t too far away from being a full time caretaker now – a job that traditionally doesn’t end well in Eli’s world.

What are some of your favorite endings?



  • coldblood

    THE DESCENT (original ending) where she’s all of a sudden alone in the cave and you wonder ‘did she kill 5 creatures, or did she kill her 5 friends?!’

    • doomas10

      The creatures were real. She did kill the some of the creatures but she never escaped from that cave despite thinking that she died only briefly. Fantastic ending although a bit depressive!

      • coldblood

        But there were no creatures around her at the end. They were chasing her and all of a sudden they were gone.

        But that’s what makes it a great ending – there are many interpretations.

        • doomas10

          We clearly saw the creatures killing her friends – She didn’t eat anyone alive that’s for sure! There is not interpretation here. She was running from the creatures after she injures Juno and falls down a hole. There the fake ending starts – she climbs out and bluh blub blub….only the moment she sees Juno’s ghost to wake up in the cave – the same hole she fell into while thinking that her daughter is there with her and surrounded by crawlers. Then we can take the sequel into account that she did actually survived (I did not like the sequel at all though). A small addition: if your theory is correct, it is impossible for her to kill the little doctor who was hanging from the ceiling with professional equipment when a crawler rip her throat open while crawling on the ceiling! Sara had nothing of this. Also the two sisters (Rebecca and Sam) mentioned that the noise Sarah is making she is going to attract them when Sam replies: “As long as they do not fall over my head” or something similar like that suggesting they are completely real 😉

          • coldblood

            OK, so we both agree it was a great movie.

        • doomas10

          Apologies for the long answer! Descent is one of the best films I have ever seen. Being extremely claustrophobic, I couldn’t sleep for 2 days!

          • coldblood

            It’s one of my favorites too. I actually got the UK edition dvd and saw that first before the American version was released with the cut ending.

            The original version is best, and regardless of how you look at it – that ending is haunting.

    • doomas10

      Although it is not a horror film, I would say “Black Swan”. The last 20 minutes of the climax blew me away with the final line “it was perfect”.

      “Rec 2” takes the cake for me too. Excellent ending!

      • doomas10

        Jesus my comments have been posted in the wrong section and semi slaughtered grammatically! Nice!

        “The creatures that she killed were real. She did kill some of them but she never escaped from the cave despite thinking that she briefly did. Fantastic ending although a bit depressing!”

      • sawyerbecks23

        I loved the ending to Rec 2! It was a bad movie with a great ending. It totally creeped me out.

    • Steve

      I get what you’re saying. Kind of like in the movie High Tension, where the viewer sees one thing and the killer was actually someone else all together.

  • coldblood

    I know I’m going to catch slack for this but I really liked A SERBIAN FILM. For a film with so many repulsive scenes, it never apologizes for any of it, which is clear in the last line of the movie – “start with the little one.”

    • gregg

      im right there with you on ASF, that last line stuck with me for months. And i think the ending of cannibal holocaust need to be on one of these lists

      • coldblood

        Cannibal Holocaust should have gone down as one of the best horrors of all time. But they shouldn’t have killed those animals in the film. You should never hurt anybody or any animal to make a movie.

        People can say what they want about A Serbian Film but at the end of the day – it wasn’t a real baby!!!

        • zog71

          I like your comment. I like horror movies and can watch all kinds of crazy shit, because I know it isn’t real, and makes me appreciate the job f/x crews do. Unfortunately things with small children and babies just don’t sit well with me. Part of me really wanted to see A Serbian Film, but hearing of some of the things happening, just can’t bring myself to watch it.

    • Yea, that’s the only film I’ve ever watched and felt dirty afterwards, great ending

      • sillylung1192

        there was another film from Serbia that came out around the same time that is almost as messed up call “life and death of a porno gang” that i never see anyone talk about.

        • coldblood

          I was going to watch that one but I heard that A Serbian Film was way better so I kind of forgot about it. Is it a good flick?

          • sillylung1192

            yeah i liked it, but was it was crazy as ASF? no it wasnt but it is worth watching

      • coldblood

        You should check out a movie called MEGAN IS MISSING. It’s bugged me since I saw it, which is a good thing. That’s what great horror does – it makes an impact.

    • divisionbell

      Agreed. Serbian Film was incredibly hard to watch, but hard to deny it was an astounding film on many levels.

    • huntermc

      With ASF, just when I thought it was all over, it got worse. And then, when I thought that was over, it got even worse still. I love it!

  • VampireJack

    I loved the endings of Frailty and Hardcore Poisoned Eyes.

    I also adored the ending of Rob Zombies H2. Not because it was a great ending, but because the damn movie was finished.

    • GhettoWerewolf

      “I also adored the ending of Rob Zombies H2. Not because it was a great ending, but because the damn movie was finished.”

    • divisionbell

      Well said (about H2)!

      Frailty is such a wonderful, underrated film!!

  • Villgust

    Orphan. There’s NO way you could see that coming.

    • egaltt23


  • diapers

    I liked the ending to the uninvited. Was totally 100% unaware of the sister and her particular “situation”. I’m pretty sure nobody else like this movie, though.

    • egaltt23

      I did! haha

  • horrorking95

    Now this is an AMAZING list! I couldn’t have come up with a better one myself. I also loved the endings to Black Swan (MASSIVELY) and Orphan as listed above. Films with a twist ending oten stick with you. I also find that the wonderful French horror films tend to have a very memorably ending (Inside gives me chills just thinking about it). I also watched The Man From Nowhere last night and that ending was so touching, I had chills!

  • GhettoWerewolf

    I’d have to say the Kubrick’s The Shining deserves a spot. I’m still not completely sure what that picture meant…

    • GhettoWerewolf

      But, otherwise, a really good list.

      • GhettoWerewolf

        “I’d have to say *that*”…sorry.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Great list, I agree with all of them 🙂

  • A-Devils-Reject

    The Descent
    Shutter (Thai)
    All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
    Home Movie
    We Need to Talk About Kevin
    Killer Joe

    • grayghost

      I’m going to watch all these movies…it’s nice to have a list of great movies…you forget about some..tanks

  • coldblood

    Ah crap, I forgot about REC. That creepy, skinny, rabid chick at the end. Priceless.

    • twisted

      True that.

  • Michael_M

    My considerable dislike for Cabin and Drag Me to Hell makes any opinion about their endings moot.

    But Let the Right One In? The ending actually diminished my enjoyment of an otherwise good film. The Matt Reeves remake, although a better movie, had only a slightly improved ending.

    We can’t take seriously a movie which wants us to believe that the bully’s brother will continue holding Oskar’s head underwater while a vampire is eviscerating people around him. Ridiculous. He would have attempted to flee immediately. In the Reeve’s version he lets go earlier, but still not soon enough considering the mayhem around him.

    Has anyone read the book? Is this how it also ends? We can blame the source material, but there have been plenty of film adaptations that have made changes (The Shining). If the decision was made for budgetary reasons, I would have thought that the Reeve’s version would have had more resources and opportunity to craft a reasonable conclusion.

    Yes, Saw and NOTLD have great endings.

  • coldblood

    Shit, forgot another one. THE OTHERS had an incredible ending.

  • dr.lamb

    What about “Angle heart” ?

  • Keegsta

    I have to say, I really dig this list. People may not like the Saw series, but that ending was jaw-dropping. I’ll never forget sitting in the theater and watching that dead guy in the middle of the floor stand up. I could not believe it. Sounds trivial now obviously with 7 films and hindsight. But that moment, I was shocked.

    • zog71

      Didn’t see it in the theater, but actually in a quiet house all by myself did yell out “What the fuck just happened!”. Cause that is what you do when no one is around to answer you.

  • Krug09

    I respect your opinion and all but saw? “It was the dead guy on the floor” twist (if you can even call it that, we had no chance at even guessing the dead guy had anything to do with shit) really got you? I wanted to know who the dead guy was, i will give it that but it wasn’t great. plus hearing that fag scream was annoying.

  • AmnesiaTDD

    I actually thought that the ending of Saw 2 was MUCH better than the ending to the first Saw. I’m not saying the ending to Saw 1 was bad by any means. It was still a great ending. I just personally thought that the fact that Jigsaw was misleading the police force by playing recorded footage rather than live footage was amazing. It was also a shocker to realize that Matthews son was in Jigsaws captivity the entire time. Saw 1 had a great ending, I just think that Saw 2s ending was more deserving to be on this list.

    • anezka

      All the films of Saw franchise have a ending of cycle ending, in a way it makes connections between many different things that were happening during the film. I always enjoy them.
      And the song in the end increasing in power as the revelations are made is awesome.

  • divisionbell

    Excellent list. Except for Saw. That was crap from start to its awful, awful ending.

    Nice call out on Drag me to Hell. The beginning and ending were the only good parts of that film. Perfect ending though.

    Though not entirely horror, Father’s Day had an absolutely perfect ending. Absentia had a great ending as well.

    Also have to call out The Thing. If only for the simple eeriness of two men sitting around not really trusting each other as they freeze to death. So damn good…

    • feck

      what middle parts of Drag Me to Hell did you NOT like? It’s a short movie, and it never lets up from start to finish.

  • Am I the only one that thought Cabin in the woods was self absorbed trash? And saying “oh it was self absorbed on purpose” only makes it worse, the tongue and cheekiness of that movie is so juvenile it’s staggering anyone even gives it a moment of thought. I couldn’t groan loud enough when Ripley showed up, and then having that cliche (but oh cliche on purpose) main character NOT kill the most annoying character (most annoying character on purpose)in the movie was too much. Trying to make it meta by acting like they were appeasing the audience… what a load of crap.

    I agree with Other commenter, A Serbian Film deserves much better recognition than it’s getting in this category.

    • feck

      I agree TJ. Cabin SUCKED! It was one of the first movies I ever thought about walking out of. But stayed to the end, and frankly, forgot what happened until I read the recap above. It goes down with REC and VHS as some of the more highly overrated pieces of crap in movie history.

  • Frase93

    My favorite ending to any horror movie is probably The Others. I think that should some recognition!

    • feck

      yeah, that was pretty great. And in a similar vein, The Sixth Sense

  • Darkness69

    Jacob’s Ladder.

    • dirtyghettok

      Thanks for that one, great movie and reminder to watch that one again.

      • Darkness69

        You’re welcome – it’s really a great one and I had such an urge to watch it last night – and I would’ve have, were it not for the fact that it was like 1 am and I had to wake up in 5 hours. But I think I’m gonna revisit it tonight! Tim Robbins gave such an excellent performance there.


    jesus, have we forgotten some classics? a nightmare on elm street, friday the 13th, carrie… though saw, cabin and night of the living dead are all great

  • ThunderDragoon

    Great list. I agree with all of your choices. I have to say some of my favorites you haven’t listed would be Halloween H20 (which kills me that they ruined that awesome ending with Resurrection), Jeepers Creepers, Friday the 13th, REC, and A Nightmare on Elm Street remake (I don’t care what anybody says, that ending was fucking cool).

  • DragonSlayer111

    great list. Not really a horror but shutter island was a mind f*ck. And how can we all forget the ending to cabin fever! Never laughed so hard.

  • dirtyghettok

    Sympathy for lady vengeance has always captivated me. All three of the Vengeance series actually.

  • feck

    People disliked Drag Me to Hell?? Why?? It’s one of my all time favorite horror flicks, from beginning to end. At 90 minutes, it’s a helluva ride. And yes, loved the ending.

  • Boon

    Do any of you recall the title of the movie that was being advertised on this site a while back that involved a husband and wife entering some sort of medical program run by a doctor that, apparantly, had implanted some sort of monster/creature/parasite into each of them?

  • DeadInHell

    I can agree with most of these, but I always thought the ending to SAW was groan-inducingly, eye-rollingly awful. The movie wasn’t great, but the ending was concrete proof to me that Leigh Whannel and James Wan were total hacks.

    6 sequels and a pile of god awful horribly written mainstream trash horror later, I still hold that opinion.

  • Sick_skwerl

    Return of the Living Dead has a great ending (even if it is riffing on NOTLD’s ending). And the original ANOES has a pretty good ending (at least the very first time you see it, and if you have no preconceived notions about franchises).

    • hammerfall

      Brain Dead and Dont go to sleep.

  • grayghost

    i’m not sure if i’d call it an amazing ending but..Sleepaway Camp had a pretty shocking ending.

    • XMarkX

      Hahaha, my mind was blown the first time I saw that.

  • viking1983

    I still consider the thing to have the best horror ending ever, but how the hell can you even consider cabin in the woods, it is a poorly made film with a minute look crappy cgi gore scene that is the only good part of the film

  • sawyerbecks23

    Friday the 13th has a great ending. Mrs. Vorhees being the killer was shocking and frighting. You would think an older woman would be helpful and comforting after being stalked and terrorized, but to realize that this women is a deranged killer bent on revenge and you are the only survivor is terrorizing. Plus I love when Alice wakes up in the hospital and realizes Jason is still out there.

  • snotboy21

    Ok first my short list
    The Collection (had me jump with joy)
    Inside (perfection)
    Deathproof (i literally begged for it to end right where it did and couldn’t have been happier)
    The Tall Man

    Now… seriously Saw 2? Have u never seen a horror movie or do u smoke crack?
    The problem with A Serbian Film? Not the content..just utterly boring it was. Drag Me to Hell is awesome and always will be. And you CITW haters out there, are u kidding? Movie rocks it hard! Stop hating because people actually like it that don’t only watch horror. Go watch the Human Centipede 2 a few more times. Just gets better and better.

  • I know it doesn’t hold a candle to the brilliance that was “Silence of the Lambs,” BUT, the ending to Hannibal was pretty amazing and left me sitting and staring at the screen for some time. I also really liked the ending of the original “The Terminator,” with Sarah Connor driving off in the desert and the ominous storm approaching. And I haven’t seen anyone mention it, but how about the ending to “Right at Your Door?” Holy shit, that one had me equal parts horrified and heart-broken at the same time.

  • VexFocault

    How about “Martyrs” ending?? I thought it was so nihilistic, yet amazing!!

  • m-m-m-MONSTER_KILL

    No mention of Funny Games? “Ciao, Bella”.

  • Necrocrypt

    Let’s put it as simply as possible. If you think cabin or drag are good, you aren’t a horror fan. I was super excited by the hype that Sam Raimi was back and like Wheadon’s work but these movies did nothing for the genre. They were just so safe, pedestrian and middle of the road that they were more offensive than something like A Serbian Film and not in a good, i can’t move from my seat after witnessing this, way.

  • taylormade2g

    The Mist
    April Fool’s Day
    Sleepaway Camp

    • Justen

      Sleepaway Camp! OMG her face scarred me for life. Insidious was such a good example of a creepy, supernatural horror film that doesn’t rely on violence or gore. I thought the ending was the icing on the cake. Definitely didn’t see it coming at all. It tied everything together really well.

  • Justen

    Drag Me To Hell ended fantastically! Just when you think everything’s looking up, shit hits the fan in the most unexpected way. By far one of the best endings I’ve ever seen in a horror film.

  • Ebenezer

    “Saw” – great ending. The first time I watched it I laughed out loud because it was.. kind of badass.

  • ghostslasher13

    The Mist ending rocked my world. Sorry after loving the King SHort story and expecting that ending. BOOM!! Angel Heart is another one that works.

  • LoliZombie

    Glad to see some missing from the last one made this. I would still add Cube, and The Descent (not the watered down happy America version the real ending)

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