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5 MORE Horror Movies With Amazing Endings!!!

When it comes to endings, sometimes you’ve got to take the advice of Jesus (as played by Jerry Cantrell in Jerry Maguire) and hang your balls out there to be great. So while all of these endings are awesome, most of them aren’t exactly happy. It’s not that I’m against happy endings, but often they clash so harshly with the film’s overall tone and theme that you just know they’re tacked on compromises.

A few months ago I wrote a piece called 5 Horror Films With Amazing Endings and you guys had a lot to say on the matter. So I decided to incorporate some of your suggestions into the sequel, 5 MORE Horror Movies With Amazing Endings (there’s also 5 Horror Movies With Horrible Endings and 5 MORE Horror Movies With Horrible Endings if you’re feeling the hate)!

Head inside to check it out. And submit your comments for which amazing endings should make the next round!


I’m not a huge Saw fan, but I can’t deny this ending. It’s a true masterstroke when that guy who’s been dead in the room the whole time is alive. It might be a spotty movie but, not only does it nail this ending, the ending essentially cements Jigsaw as an icon. Nice double-tap!


October may have been a little early for me to include this on the initial list, but now it’s almost a year after the film’s release and I’ll be damned if this isn’t emerging as an ending for the ages. I mean, not only does Sigourney Weaver’s “Director” explain what’s happening in the film, she’s able to touch upon the very essence of our bloodlust as an audience. The Cabin In The Woods is, in part, a movie about why we like to see young people slaughtered onscreen. Bonus? The film actually has the balls to follow through on its apocalyptic premise. Fran Kranz and Kristen Connolly lighting up a joint as the Gods destroy the earth… I can’t think of a more apt metaphor for the way in which our society is currently deciding to spend its time.


I know there’s a contingent of you guys that hates this move, but I’m still not sure I understand why. Not only does it have the madcap spook-a-blast energy of Evil Dead 2 and Army Of Darkness, it also has an amazingly fun “downer” ending. If you’re dealing with cursed objects, my advice would be to properly label the envelopes in which you contain them. If not, your well meaning boyfriend’s act of consideration could literally send you directly to hell. Whoops!


That’s another one for the fire.” Even if the zombie apocalypse is over, we kinda get the idea that humans are going to continue being goofy assholes. The death of Duane Jones’ Ben is a harbinger of things to come.


This ending is amazing for two reasons. The first of which is that it’s such a knock-out a crowd pleaser, the likes of which you don’t normally find in films this dour. The second reason is that this crowd pleaser ending actually is incredibly dour. Sure, it’s nice to see Eli rescue Oskar from those bullies at the pool in such a thoroughly vengeful and satisfying manner, but consider the consequences. As the subsequent exchange on the train points out, Oskar isn’t too far away from being a full time caretaker now – a job that traditionally doesn’t end well in Eli’s world.

What are some of your favorite endings?




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