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[Random Cool] Beauty Shop Scare Echos Hilarious Elevator Prank

Scaring people and hosting the video on YouTube is all the rage – and the last time we took our sweet time everyone on the planet scooped us on the infamous “elevator prank.”

Now, Jonny B. caught wind of the next big freakout, “Beauty Shop Scare,” and we’re rushing to get it to you first.

In the video, a hidden camera prank scares the living hell out of unsuspecting customers at a beauty shop. What happens when the mirror is replaced with a 2 way mirror and a possessed girl is placed behind it? When customers check themselves out in the mirror, the scary girl’s image appears on top of their reflection. This video features some of the best reactions.

It’s unclear if this is a top secret viral for CBS’ The Last Exorcism Part II or not, but if it is, a standing ovation is in order.




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