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Teaser Trailer For Indie ‘The Exorcism Diaries’

With Cannes on the horizon, we’ve landed the official teaser trailer for Scott McCullough’s The Exorcism Diaries

Penned by Kenny Yakkel, “A real recording of an exorcism that causes the Church to investigate the deaths of two priests. Based on a true story with real recording of genuine exorcism conducted in Siberia.

IPELA’s Dane Lillegard, Bob Engelman, Clay Ayers, and Deborah Moore.



  • BabyJaneHudson

    Looks slow and cheap.

  • chambertlo

    Most exorcism movies are poorly done and have very little respect for the source material. This one does not look to be far from the trend. Although the barbed wire extraction from the mouth is a nice touch.

  • Aaron Emery

    Nobody ever tries anything different with these movies. It’s all crucifixes, groaning, bone-twisting and speaking in strange languages. I bet the priest is having a crisis of faith as well.

  • zombiejunky223

    the last possession movie i saw had a Jewish demon in it. i don’t know what these movies can do that hasnt been done before.

  • hilljack

    I totally agree with Aaron Emery all these exorcism movies are all clones.The only movie i saw that took a different approach was[Rec]. Although i must admit i did like Emily Rose.

  • weedlehoot

    This is a well paced teaser…gave me shivers! The biometrics were cool. Looks great and looks like it’s different to me. These other comments are really ONLY addressing the genre, not this film at all.

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