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Early Prototype For ‘ZombiU’ Sequel In Development

I was afraid Ubisoft’s Dark-Souls-meets-Dead-Island launch title for the Wii U would be a one-off. According to our very own David Harley, it was a mix of terror and tedium, and I’d agree. Its difficulty might’ve bordered on too unforgiving at times, the combat could’ve used a bit more work to make it less repetitive, and the world didn’t ever feel fully realized or all that interesting. Even still, it was a survival horror game that wasn’t afraid to experiment, and it built a strong foundation for a sequel I was almost certain we’d never see.

There’s still a definite possibility we won’t see a ZombiU 2, but a recent tweet from Ubisoft creative director Jean-Philippe Caro at least gives us a bit of hope. “The team is working hard on a prototype,” Caro told a fan on Twitter. “It’s too soon to tell you more.” So it’s confirmed, Ubisoft Montpellier has an early prototype in the works. That leaves us with one question — what would you like to see from a ZombiU sequel?

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