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[E3 2013] Vote On Your Most Anticipated Horror Game!

If you’re craving a scare or two then boy, are you in luck. There’s a wealth of horror games releasing over the next two years that should appeal to every type of horror fan. From big budget action horror games like The Evil Within and Dying Light to psychologically scarring indie releases like Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Outlast, and even a few more experimental horror games, like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and whatever Basement Crawl is all about.

We won’t know which horror games will make an appearance until next week when E3 officially kicks off, but that won’t keep us from voting on what we’d most like to see from the event. After the break you can do just that. Let us know which horror games you’re most anticipated for and if I left something out that you’re particularly excited for, feel free to set me straight in the comments. I can take it.

In related news, if you’re wondering what TJ and I are most excited for, you can read our wish lists here.

What’s Your Most Anticipated Horror Game Of E3 2013?

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  • TheDeadman19

    It’s a tie between Evil Within and Dark Souls 2 for me. I voted for Evil Within, because it got me more worked up right about now.
    Dark Souls will be good too, but probably no big changes.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    there’s several games im looking forward to but if i had to choose i choose The Evil Within.

    im wondering why ‘Asylum’ and ‘Outlast’ weren’t on there though?

    • Adam Dodd

      Outlast is on there, it’s between inSANE and Left 4 Dead 3. I can’t believe I forgot about Asylum. It’s there now!

  • pedrojamess

    Evil Dead: The Videogame 🙂

  • ThunderDragoon

    The Evil Within. I was close to voting on the new Resident Evil, but I don’t think they’ll announce a new one this soon; unless it’s a spin-off. I haven’t even played RE6 yet. I played the demo, though. From what I played, I liked Leon and Chris’ parts, but I hated Jake’s. Felt like I had to do parkour just to survive in his part. XD

  • iszac

    Am I the only one who craving for a new SIREN game? It was a really scary game!

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