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[E3 2013] ‘Killer Instinct’ Is Back!

Having to wait 13 years for a new Diablo game, ludicrous. Having to wait 13 years for a new Killer Instinct?! Well that is just absolutely unfathomable! How could someone let this happen?! Yes, it’s true, after 13 long years in the dark, Killer Instinct is making a comeback. Rare, and Double Helix Games (Silent Hill Homecoming) will be manning the project that will be exclusive to the Xbox One. Not much more is known right now, but we will be seeing series favorite back at the very least. Check out the trailer and screens past the break.



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  • REmake

    I am being completely honest when I say Killer Instinct is the biggest piece of shit fighting game I’ve ever played. The way you perform combos, at least in the originals, was incredibly not fun and made playing that game completely inaccessible. There’s a reason that franchise has been dead for 13 years, and I’m definitely not excited to see a new one.

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