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Show Off Your Geek Chic With This Limited Edition ‘Resident Evil’ Watch

I don’t wear watches, but this beauty may motivate me to make a change. Capcom has announced a collaboration with high-end watch manufacturer Meister — who also made the Dead Space 3 watch — to bring Resident Evil fans a line of extremely limited edition Umbrella Corporation themed watches.

Only 500 of what they’re calling the Resident Evil Ambassador will be produced, and while the front and center Umbrella logo immediately identifies this as a geeky item, I think I’d call this nerd chic.

At $249.95, this isn’t a cheap accessory to add to your wardrobe, but I’m sure these will disappear fast, so if you want one, act fast. They can be found exclusively at the Capcom store.

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  • ThunderDragoon

    That’s cool. Way too expensive, though. Have to admit, I’d probably get it if I had the money lol.

  • Milk

    I think it looks really tacky for the price.