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[Random Cool] If Horror Characters Were Metal Genres



A cool image popped up in my newsfeed that compares different horror or horror-esque characters with different genres of metal. Different characters include Hellraiser‘s Pinhead, The Crow‘s Eric Draven, Clash Of The Titan‘s Hades, and more.

Several of them seem pretty spot on (Pinhead and Dracula definitely work) but some of these really make me think that genre-defining is going WAY too far. “Depressive Suicidal Black Metal”? “National Socialist Black Metal”? “Raw Black Metal”? What’s that, black metal that wasn’t cooked long enough?

Head on down to check out the image and leave your thoughts on which characters would be good with which types of metal genres! Don’t ask me why but I have a weird feeling that Jason would really dig listening to some Pantera.

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