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[FEAR Awards] The Best New Horror IP Of 2013!

Because 2013 marked the beginning of the end for one console generation, the number of fresh IPs that could potentially blossom into new franchises was low, as most developers shifted their focus to sure things (sequels) or secret next-gen projects. If you’re a fan of sequels, last year had to be a deeply exciting time for you.

As for the rest of us, we had try our best to glean happiness from the paltry selection of new IPs introduced last year, almost exclusively from indie developers, and take solace in knowing that brighter times lie ahead.

Vote for your favorite after the jump!


Greatest Gore | Best Arsenal | Best Visuals | Best Zombies | Most Original
Best DLC | Best Multiplayer | Best Indie | Best Slender Game | Scariest Game
Most Disappointing | Best New IP | Most Anticipated | Where Is It? | Horror Game of the Year

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  • SlothyPunk

    I don’t wanna vote before I get a chance to play Outlast. Shame the voting will be over by that point.

  • Daddy-the-Baddy

    why is this even a discussion ? the last of should win, I have never played a game that made me grimace and scream at my tv mre than this. every choice they make u make is ….you know if you played it……if not? fkn play it or shut up

    • Slasher716

      But…. The Last Of US is not a true Horror/Survival game, nothing about it is truely scary. It’s more like action/sci-fi. Therefore I vote Outlast. If I want a game to win Fear awards, it’s gonna be a game that scares me. Not some crap like The Last Of Us or Tomb Raider. Great games but not ‘True’ Horror.

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