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Kojima Wants To Take A Break From The ‘Metal Gear’ Franchise; Konami Should Give Him ‘Silent Hill’

Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, is such a tease. The problem is I don’t think he knows he’s teasing us.

It’s been mentioned before that Kojima could potentially take the reigns on a new Silent Hill game, which could be powered by Kojima’s FOX Engine. The idea of a series reboot from someone with his experience is exciting, even though he’s admitted he isn’t a huge fan of the horror genre.

In a recent interview, Kojima expressed a desire to depart from Metal Gear.

“Ideally I would like to step out from the Metal Gear franchise as a producer and dedicate myself to other games,” Kojima told Game Informer. “So far that has proven to be a bit difficult.” Apparently, his success in creating a franchise that’s been both critically acclaimed and wildly successful for a couple decades now is making it difficult for him to get Konami to let him tackle anything else.

As for what Kojima has in mind for his next project, he “would like to make more games that have that indie game taste or some completely different type of game with a big budget.”

“I’ve been working in the Metal Gear franchise for over 25 years. This world has allowed me to tell a lot of the things that I wanted to say. That said, it has a very specific worldview and a very specific set of game elements. I’ll probably be saying this until I die, but there are still more things I want to tell, more things I want to communicate, and more things I want to experiment with.” he continued.

Look, Konami. Silent Hill needs a reboot. You know it, I know it, Jeremy Blaustein knows it, Dave Cox knows iteveryone knows it. The only question left is who is going to be in charge of bringing this once haunting and mesmerizingly beautiful survival horror series back to its former glory.

I vote for Kojima.

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  • Headtance

    kojima is my videogame-hero since the psone hitsellar mgs. god bless his intentions with silent hill. it’d be fun

  • Blood-Sicles

    Would love to see him tackle a Silent Hill reboot. Considering how long ago Konami offered him the job, I wouldn’t be surprised if a new Silent Hill is already in development.

  • huntermc

    Didn’t Kojima say that MGS2 was going to be his last entry in the series? And didn’t he say that again after all the other following games?

    • Adam Dodd

      Yeah, but this time he means it!

  • X

    He should make a new version of his Snatcher games, or remake Metal Gear and Solid Snake: Metal Gear 2

  • Swinny

    I vote Kojima too, but not only for Kojima himself, its the fact that he has ex-Team Silent members on his team at Kojima Productions.
    So, give it to Kojima Productions, then all we need is Akira Yamaoka back for the soundtrack and we have the perfect combination! Ever since SH4 The Room, I’ve had to face disappointment time and time again with this series, strong direction from Kojima and the ex-Team Silent guys is exactly what is needed. SH2 is my favourite game of all time, witch is tied with MGS3 and 4, this NEEDS to happen!!

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