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Is Ridley Scott Off ‘Prometheus 2’?

Last year 20th Century Fox hired Jack Paglen to write a script for Prometheus 2. Back in March of this year they brought Michael Green (who just wrote the new Blade Runner for Ridley Scott and Warner Bros) on to rewrite it. Despite the hopeful Blade Runner 2 association and some encouraging comments from the director himself, the involvement of Ridley Scott in all of this has been something of a premature foregone conclusion. I mean, he’ll be involved somehow. But will he actually direct the thing? We haven’t really gotten a confirmation on this one way or another.

The Hollywood Reporter just put up a story a few moments ago that has Scott in talks to direct The Martian, another space epic, for Fox. Matt Damon is set to star. And you kind of get the sense that this thing is going to happen sooner rather than later because its initial director, Drew Goddard (The Cabin In The Woods), “left the project due to his directing commitments for Sony’s Sinister Six, the planned Spider-Man spin-off.” It kind of sounds like a timing issue and Scott could be on this as soon as he finishes up post on Exodus.

Which doesn’t leave a lot of time for Prometheus 2 (it’s possible that Fox is okay sitting on P2 for another year or two, but that doesn’t really gel with the renewed urgency the production seems to have). It would also mean two back to back sci-fi/space movies, which might be more than Scott is interested in taking on (he famously didn’t come back to the Alien franchise for quite some time because he wanted to do something different).

Last week Michael Fassbender seemed more bullish than usual on Prometheus 2‘s prospects (though, to be fair, he still didn’t know when it was happening), which gives some creedence to the studio’s enthusiasm for the project.

Right now this is all just a series of questions. I don’t have any more info than what I’m laying out here. But it’s interesting to ponder the possibility of Scott guiding the franchise as a producer rather than a director. If The Martian is shifting directors in and out because of scheduling, it would seem that it’s at least possible that this project takes first position over Prometheus 2. Would Fox wait another couple of years for a sequel? And is Scott even still interested?



  • Dr.Loomis@derp

    It feels to me like Ridley is just doing this for the sake of doing it. I don’t feel his hearts there.

  • bambi_lives8980

    At this point, truthfully, I feel that scott may only have enough time and energy before he retires, or time jn life in general, to work on just so many films. And I personally just want to see him back on a Blade Runner project. Since he announced that over a year ago, all I’ve seen is him take on new project sfter new project. Scott just seems to do what he likes, and what he likes and is interested in changes daily. So to get him locked into Prometheus 2 would require him really wanting to do it more than any other project. Of course he says yes im doing this this and this next, but that doesnt necessarily make it so. Just do your Blade Runner sequel Sir Ridley, and I for one will be 100% satisfied.

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    So he wants to do Prometheus 2, Blade Runner 2, The Martin, The Forever War… and these are just his scifi projects

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  • Caitlyn Gessing-Putz

    Such bad journalism. Why don’t you consult with Fox before you publish something like this? He’s not off Prometheus 2. The script is not completed. The Martian script is almost complete so the movie will go soon, like this summer.

    That leaves plenty of time for Prometheus 2 (which, by the way, is not scheduled until summer of 2016—two years out). Prometheus was delivered 14 months after the start of principal photography. Scott could begin production on the sequel in April 2015 and still have it out by July of the next year.

    • EvanDickson

      It’s not bad journalism. It’s asking questions. There’s no way Fox would comment on something like this yet.

      Pre-production, shooting and post on THE MARTIAN would take at least 18 months, which puts him outside the April 2015 date. He would also have to start pre-production on P2 well before then. Directors don’t just show up to set and shoot.

      • Caitlyn Gessing-Putz

        Eighteen months is speculation and grossly inaccurate. Do you make studio movies for a living? Because I do.

        • EvanDickson

          It’s all speculation. It’s a speculative piece. I’ll admit the wording on my “at least 18 months” comment is a poor choice, but considering the timetables here it seems like it’s putting one or both of these projects in a place where they would be rushed. It still leaves little prep time for P2.

          • Caitlyn Gessing-Putz

            I’m telling you that Prometheus 2 is still going to go. But you’ll see.

          • EvanDickson

            I don’t doubt the movie will happen. And I’ll be happy if Scott is onboard.

          • GunsOfNavarone

            He’ll do it, I see Prometheus as half a story of which he wanted to see through to completion. I don’t honestly believe he would step down, especially considering the passing of Giger, I think he’d want to pay tribute to him by seeing it through. I have a feeling The Martian wouldn’t be a big shoot. Bay took only a few months to shoot Pain N Gain inbetween pre-production of Transformers 4 (not that they’re alike in any shape or form).

          • Caitlyn Gessing-Putz

            I have worked on many movies (especially those that are special effects heavy) where the director didn’t land on location until 5-6 weeks out. Many other key players (locations, production designer, etc) start much further out to get things together.

            These days, directors often prep while doing post on something else. It’s all too common, which is why I take issue with this report. Also I have it on good authority that things are still on track.

          • Caitlyn Gessing-Putz

            HEY EVAN DICKSON! Remember when I told you this was incorrect?


          • EvanDickson

            @caitlyngessingputz:disqus yeah and the article has him jumping on P2 late in 2015. Which means P2 delayed if only for a few months.

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    And I’d like to sort of echo what Caitlyn. Fox would never let anyone other than Ridley direct a Prometheus movie. That’s a tough kind of movie to get right, and they won’t trust just any ‘ol for-hire dude. And the addition of Michael Green only cements that it is a Ridley project.

    • EvanDickson

      Disagree that Fox would never let anyone else do it. It could be argued that Ridley himself didn’t even nail it 100% on the first one.

  • Cameron Fraser

    Maybe they realized that Fassbender would have to be shooting X-Men Apocalypse and Prometheus 2 around the same time so they pushed back P2?

  • Scott could very well end up producing it and if rumours are true that Sigourney is coming back to this series with other series cast members then this will have a new sense of urgency. It depends which is the bigger movie I suppose Ridley could do both if the pre-production is good enough and not too tight. In Asia some directors can work on more than one movie at once and this is because the production process is so well planned. However this article is a bit sensationalised and is probably all rumour mill.

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