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They’re Making a Sequel to ‘Godzilla’


A story so obvious even Godzilla himself would scoff (some blue fire).

After opening to $103M internationally — the biggest opening of 2014 so far — and grossing $93M domestic stateside this weekend, it should come as no surprise that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros.‘ are already developing a sequel to the monster hit Godzilla, Deadline deduces. They allegedly confirmed the news this morning.

It caused chaos here on Bloody Disgusting when Evan shared his mixed thoughts on the Gareth Edwards-directed revamp, and if you follow me on Twitter, you saw me go on a tirade about how disappointed I was – but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see more of destructions from the “King of the Monsters.”

In all honesty, I’m desperate for them to give it another go as I suspect this was an enormous (pun intended) learning curve for Edwards, who has previously directed the micro-indie Monsters. Now that the writers/producers and director have realized what a modern Godzilla movie will look like, and learned what not to do with the screenplay, I can only expect greatness when Godzilla returns to battle in the near future.

What would I like to see from the sequel? Well, for those of you who saw Godzilla, Edwards makes various references to Steven Spielberg’s work from Jaws to Jurassic Park. And, while everyone points to the obvious character development issues, my biggest complaint is that the actors and chaos never co-exist. If you look at Jurassic Park, for example, the characters are constantly in danger and immersed in battle (from a Tyrannosaurus rex stomping on a Jeep filled with children to a Jeep falling out of a tree. Then you have the T-rex chasing down another Jeep not to mention the magnificent electric fence set piece in which suspense builds as the power to JP is about to be turned back on). Frankly, I want to see the characters in real danger because of Godzilla and his foe(s) – not standing miles and miles away watching from a television set.

Now that I’ve had my say, tell us what you want from the sequel below. Then talk about the film in theaters now by clicking here.



  • WalkingDeadGuy

    I also had mixed feelings, although I didn’t hate it, I was left wanting a lot more. The visuals are absolutely stunning, but the “stop and go” actions sequences throughout and use (or lack thereof) of its main characters are incredibly frustrating. What it did get right, however, made t/film worth watching. T/last 20 minutes were amazing! I just hope the sequel features more of Godzilla.

  • NixEclips

    There’s a difference between being in danger from something the size of a T-Rex and something the size of Godzilla. But less cutting away from the action would definitely be a positive.

  • Ultrazilla

    “I want to see the characters in real danger because of Godzilla and his foes-not standing miles and miles away watching from a television set.”
    Did you even watch this movie? We’re you drunk?!? The characters in the nuclear plant at the beginning? The people scrambling for safety during the MUTO hatch? Brody and everyone on the train in Hawaii after the power returns? Brody and the soldiers on the tracks? Body’s wife as the kaiju attack around the shelter with her patients and coworkers? Brody face to face with mother MUTO after he kills her eggs? Again on the boat before Godzilla’s final attack? How much more personal could these confrontations have been and expect anyone to have survived?!? There’s a big difference between the hide and seek and danger of creatures the size of raptors or even Tyrannosaurus, to trying to avoid creatures the size of sky scrapers. Brad, you always seemed to be a fan of the Toho series, but what in those movies did you ever like, if using this same logic? Not to mention this movie had as much if not more monster action than many of the Toho film’s.

    • Ultrazilla

      Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the intense scene with the people and the bus full of kids on the Golden Gate Bridge…screaming and scrambling to get off the bridge as its being dismantled by both the military and Godzilla. Oh wait…I guess Mr D already did. Or, I guess it just wasn’t a scene of actors and chaos coexisting.

  • ChasingTheGhost

    My only wish for the sequel is that we see a return of a monster we all know. In the movie there was a shoutout to Mothra. I wouldn’t mind seeing her, King Ghidorah, ANYONE back.

  • You know, with regards to a sequel, I really think that the explanation of Godzilla was a setup for all that. By explaining that the kaiju fed off of radiation, by showing that they could remain dormant for millions of years and by showing that they actually interacted in an ecosystem, the filmmakers laid down the idea that anything could pop up at any time. Moreover, since mankind is reliant on radioactive materials, we’re sort of heralding in a new age of kaiju.

    I actually think a lot of smart moves were made with this film. By delaying Godzilla’s appearance, the filmmakers could play up his mystery to casual fans. By explaining his biology, they set up more battles with other kaiju, which is what the hardcore fans want. It’s kind of win-win.

  • Maxime C

    Wow that’s a huge opening !

  • CrossfaceKiller

    i feel like everyone complaining expected this to be 2 hours completely centered on godzilla destroying things…yet if michael bay made a godzilla movie that was just that,everyone would STILL bitch.

    • M M

      No we were just expecting more action than the 10 minute battle at the end spread over the whole 3rd act.

    • 2112

      Id botch now – Michael Bay is a terrible film maker. A very successful one, but terrible none the less.

  • Ultrazilla

    From the description above and the constant comparisons, I think Mr Disgusting would like a sequel to just be a ‘re-release of the 1998 Matthew Broderick turd fest. Complete with monsters chasing individuals in cars, and raptor rip off sequences. Personally, I’ll take whatever Gareth Edwards comes up with, because he clearly understands Godzilla movies. I wouldn’t mind seeing another classic kaiju return, but I would definitely like to see more original creatures…the MUTOs were awesome!

  • VictorCrowley

    I think this movie had great things in it. They were just too immersed with a lot of negative aspects. But, the film accomplished what it needed to do. It restored the world’s faith in America’s ability to make a Godzilla film. Not sure if Edwards needs to return or not, but I’m hoping they are taking what didn’t work for this film in consideration into developing the sequel. Probably dreaming a little too big, but it’d be nice to get a Dark Knight type of turn-around from the first movie to the second.

  • Ruben


  • M M

    With all of the parts they got right, I think a sequel could easily be the Godzilla movie I was hoping we would get this time. The trailer really sold a very different film than it ended up being.

  • I had a blast with it. Bring on a sequel.

  • baronterror

    it should have been about a grieving widower and a Japanese scientist dealing with the pain of surviving massive disasters instead of a surprise boring character and his equally boring family. And more Godzilla than Muto.

  • justpassingby

    watched it on Imax and overall satisfied. Looking forward for the sequels.

  • IconOfSin

    Personally I loved this version of Godzilla, rather than constant destruction we actually get story & suspense. My hope for a sequel would involve King Ghidorah. Imagine how epic that would look in the cinema of today.

  • Handy Andy

    Here’s how the sequel should go:

    1) Monster comes for outerspace.
    2) Monster proves too strong for Godzilla.
    3) Secret organization reveals Mecha-Godzilla Project to fight Monster.
    4) Godzilla and Mecha-Godzilla team-up and kick Monsters’ butt.
    5) Secret organization actually has plans for world domination, Mecha-Godzilla turns on Godzilla.
    6) Godzilla and Mecha-Godzilla go at it.

    Prize please.

  • The-Boogeyman

    Please give us King Ghidorah!

  • The-Boogeyman

    This time around we need to see him outmatched by Ghidorah

  • J Jett

    i liked that Godzilla was (for the most part) a good guy. the MUTOs though were freaking awesome. i actually dug them more than Godzilla (who was cool in his own right).

  • WhoreWhisperer

    Fuck that pretentious douche Evan Dickson, Godzilla is actually a good flick. ED talks about this movie not having good character development – like Godzilla movies are known for that or some shit.
    Godzilla is the number one movie in the world right now, and The Walking Dead which he always slams is the number one show on cable. What an idiot.

  • Kumonga, the spider kaiju please. ^_^

  • jokerpentrick

    There’s one problem with the Jurassic park idea of the actors and Godzilla sharing any screen time: he’s so big and destructive that the people wouldn’t stand a chance, they’d be crushed into people paté by either the building sized monsters or rubble thrown up by them.

    The only piece of recent film you’d have less chance of surviving in is the end of man of steel. 🙂

  • Justin Sil E Gonzalez

    I have yet to see the movie, but just from what I have seen in previews and such, I have one issue, and it really don’t matter, but I feel like sharing. I know the old (as in before Matthew Broderick) that Godzilla was a bit chunky lookin. But the Godzilla with Matthew Broderick (hope im spelling that right), the king was slimmer and such. This new version, he is a fat ass again lol. Still think it’ll be a good movie, just pointing out my lil issue

  • Voodoo

    The one huge issue with having the main character(s) in constant danger is the same one that plagued Cloverfield – it’s hard to justify a single character coming into contact with Godzilla and his buddies on a constant basis without it feeling like inserted happenstance bullshit. This Godzilla film did a passable job at mending this potentially critical flaw by having two similar monsters on a rampage. The main human character needs to get from Point A to Point B, and between those two points you have the MUTOs trying to complete their own goal and Godzilla hunting them down. With a little more help, they could have created a cornucopia of chaos. The main character and most key side characters get mixed into the destruction to a believable degree, but not an ultimately satisfying one. I believe that they did the best job that they could with the premise they constructed.

    With that said, the only ways I can think of that they could introduce a premise with higher levels of grandeur is to add even more baddies in the next film (hard to justify, and also hard to let the audience focus on 3+ uniquely-specialized kaiju) or to add an impending external threat, either natural or man-made (other than a nuke) to the film. Godzilla is a true force of nature, and the lack of something to truly challenge his potential could be a detriment to the sequel.

    Now onto that part; they might have backed themselves into a corner with the narrative in a few ways. The film begins with mystery, centers around revelation and destruction, then ends with something along the lines of placidity. Now what? They covered the whole “confused/scared military force attacks Godzilla” thing. They also gave a damn well decent amount of one-on-one camera time with Godzilla which was rather unexpected. The government accepts him and the general populace seems to see him as a hero.

    What plot points could they introduce now? Do they focus on a different part of the world and leave the Brody family out of the action despite all of this development of a personal connection with Godzilla?The writers could certainly take it in some distasteful direction involving citizens rebelling against the government/military who may seem to be standing by idly in the public eye. Or perhaps the military (or some anti-zilla radical group) could try building a weapon to thwart Godzilla when he resurfaces, ala the “Hulkbuster” meets Mechagodzilla (too silly and too early for that, obviously). The most likely scenario would be starting off with a focus on how the world has been rebuilding ever since the events of the first film, and how Godzilla hasn’t made his return. Then they introduce a single moderate kaiju threat which starts terrorizing a more or less defenseless city, Godzilla comes back and saves the day, then an even greater threat is introduced that seemingly outmatches his power.

    Regardless of which way this series goes, I hope they at least find an excuse to make him even more gargantuan by the time the sequel comes around, as the initial teaser description of Godzilla simply stepping on a smaller kaiju made me giddy. Well, that and the fact that the film seemed to have a kind of distracting cinematic tug-of-war of shots that made our beloved badass look utterly titanic, and others that made him seem only slightly larger than the MUTOs which weren’t too impressive in size on their own. Nonetheless, I’m glad he’s back.

  • Dev

    It’s a good film, and very true to the spirit of the originals. The problem seems to be fanboys as usual bemoaning every single possible characteristic, usually to do with it not being 3 hours of 100% monster stomping (true-fact: that would be boring as fuck, case in point, Transformers, where battle sequences go on for an hour and make you want to die). The actors are good (Sally Hawkins is underused however) and give good performances, the tension is solid, the monsters look and sound fantastic and Godzilla has personality, which is an important achievement, frankly one I wasn’t really expecting. I look forward to the next one and as many as they can make while retaining the qualities of this new one.

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