Walk Your Dog With This 'Alien' Face Hugger Leash - Bloody Disgusting!

Walk Your Dog With This ‘Alien’ Face Hugger Leash

When the face hugger latches on, there’s nothing you can do but wait for an unexpected birth.

Imagine if you could create the experience every single day of you’re life?

First, you need a dog. Go and get one.


Now, head over to Storenvy and purchase the “Alien Face Hugger dog leash with harness.” It’s expensive, but it’s one-of-a-kind, and totally worth it.

The leash connects with velcro around the neck and chest of the dog securing the Face Hugger to your pets back. The alien is made of foam and airbrush painted, the harness is a light weight but durable mesh. The leash is hidden within the tail of the alien and ends with a loops for easy walking.

You are officially the coolest person alive. Send me photos.


  • lion7718

    $150.00 for a dog leash…I don’t think so.

  • P VC

    And it’s supposed to hold well with velcros? Yeah you try holding a determined dog back with velcros….

    • Jimmy Backman

      well it knows that if it runs off, next time you place the facehugger on its face. 🙂

  • Santiago


  • Brodequin

    Funny price!!!

  • FullFrontalReprisal

    They don’t even model it with a real dog? I wouldn’t give you 1/3 of the cost for that! Velcro?? Not functional, just visual! Stupid humans…….they will buy anything!

  • Random