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“The Walking Dead” is Rapidly Losing Viewers

I haven’t watched AMC’s “The Walking Dead” since the third season, but that didn’t stop it from becoming a behemoth that topped 17 million viewers when the show returned for its seventh season. With numbers like that, it looked as if nothing was going to stand in the way of this undead freight train.

I haven’t really paid much attention to the numbers since then, or at all to be honest, but was shocked to see multiple reports of a sharp decline through the first five episodes of Season 7. We aren’t talking about one drop, but several, showing a steady decline week by week through last week’s Episode 5 (we’re still waiting on the numbers for last night’s episode).

Fans were already pissed off with the cliffhanger at the end of Season 6, threatening to abandon the show if the showrunner and AMC didn’t reveal who Negan had killed during the climactic finale. Even with the threats, the show premiered to 17 million viewers, the most in the show’s run. But then, things got bad. Here’s what EW reports:

Viewership dropped 25 percent for the season’s second episode down to 12.5 million. Such a drop may have been expected somewhat given all the hype around the premiere resolving last season’s fateful circle-of-victims cliffhanger. But then the third episode dropped too (11.7 million), and so did the fourth (11.4 million) and now the fifth (11 million), with TWD marking a low point for the show since 2013.

Here’s a graph of the decline, via Wikipedia.


Obviously, 11 million viewers is nothing to sneeze at, although it is the worst ratings “The Walking Dead” has posted since Season 3 in 2013. What happened to those viewers? Is this going to be an ongoing trend through the second half of Season 7? Where people genuinely angry about the demise of Glenn and Abraham? Did the show get too brutal for the general audience (is Negan a turnoff)? Or maybe people are finally catching on to the false promises and slow-burn drag-out style the show utilizes to get from action set piece to action set piece? Could this election have something to do with it (entertainment has always been affected by social situations)? Maybe viewers are just sick of it (I see so many negative reviews, week after week, and don’t understand why they continue to stick around if they hate it so much)?

My personal take here is that, if the decline continues, and it may, they need to think about tightening up the show much like FX did with “American Horror Story”. Retaining the 11 million needs to be a priority – but they’ve already filmed the rest of the seventh season, which AMC must be praying doesn’t continue to push away their regular viewers. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and report back if it changes.



  • Francesco Falciani

    too boring for me

  • John Connor

    Never seen it.
    At 7+ seasons plus a spinoff, its very unappealing.
    Why is it going on so long?
    Why can’t you tell your story in a few seasons and end it?
    Why is there a seventh season?
    Ain’t nobody got time for that!!

  • nowaygetreal

    This whole specific character-driven episode format (like last nights with JUST Tara) is bad. When you don’t have the characters people want on the screen, they’re going to lose interest. Episode 2 was boring with Carol and episode 5 was boring with Tara. Episode 3 only worked because people love Daryl. They need to go back to focusing on the group as a whole.

    • Vincent Kane

      My thoughts exactly. Why can’t they combine two or more stories in one episode?

      • MadCows

        For reals!

    • Evi

      The writers are stretching the story to breaking point for a very specific reason – the Negan arc is apparently designed to last 3-4 entire seasons. It’s sort of funny to me that posters downthread are complaining that people no longer respect storytelling when to me TWD is anti-storytelling. All they do is decide where they want to be by the finale and then come up with filler episodes to while away the time until they get there. It wouldn’t be too bad if the characters were at least likeable, but I can’t imagine too many people were begging for Sasha or Tara episodes. Truth be told I’d never even realized the writers thought of them as integral to the cast. For me it always felt like they were just being kept around until there was a good moment to turn them into zombie chow.

  • Xander Grishchenko

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t understand how did this show manage to stay afloat this long. I watched the 1st season and it was too meh for me, so I dropped watching. Later there was really an outbreak of popularity like all the viewers turned into zombies 🙂
    Maybe it got better over time, but I preferred to stay away from TWD.
    But I must admit, first season of TWD videogame was pretty interesting. Too bad the second got boring as hell.

  • Vincent Kane

    I still watch this show religiously and still love it. However, my interest from week to to week is starting to decline. These one story episodes are getting dull. I can understand it from time to time when it’s a main story like the season premiere or Negans trip to Alexandria. Combine the other storylines together and it gets rid of the boring filler and talking from week to week. I.E. last night’s Tara storyline and Carols the kingdom storyline. I would rather the show be 6-10 episodes instead of the filler crap we are getting.

    • huntermc

      Last night’s episode seemed like the least necessary one so far this season. But I think they’re setting the women’s group up to be a future ally in the war against Negan. In particular, they have have a lot of guns.

      • Vincent Kane

        I totally see and understand that but it didn’t need to take an entire episode by itself to tell that narrative IMO.

  • Otterlee

    They lost us in Season 2.

  • Neon Maniac

    The show has always had it’s ups and downs. Often more downs than ups. But I think they burned a lot of fan’s good will with the cliffhanger BS at the end of last season.

  • They need to ‘evolve’ and move away from their circular writing. Main characters kill humans/zombies then become morally conflicted, then rebounds and is fine. And the bad guys simply own a new compound and threaten the group. Something needs to be reinvented.

    I said 2 years ago (to much criticism lol) that they need to make the zombies relevant again. And to do that, one way would be to have them evolve from slow fugging walkers to jogging to running. Obviously not 0-100 or 100% of them. But like a herd of zombies with like 10% being joggers is all. And go from there.

    But that doesn’t solve the problem as a whole, just a minor snippet that I wanna see (though I just gave up on the show 2 episodes ago).

    Also, they need an endgame of sorts. Breaking Bad = Eventual fall of WW, LOST = What is the island, Game of Thrones = White Walkers attack Westeros, Westworld = Robots rebel (eventually lol), etc. They have no goal on The Walking Dead.

    • huntermc

      If they follow the comics (which it seems they are doing) the next phase after total war with Negan is rebuilding society, with Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom forming a network of communities.

  • Cheshire TrollCat

    about time.

  • Baron von Marshmallow

    As a fan of the series, I can confirm this season is not handled very well. The first episode set the bar really high, but the creators then did a very wrong thing, because they dedicated every episode since then to one person or one group, often in different places, which makes it very inconsistent in terms of storytelling. You don’t see anyone else, you don’t know what’s happening anywhere else and the interesting characters/places can get shelved for several weeks before the show gets back to them. And it’s a shame how little they use Negan, because he’s the best character this series had since it began.

  • Mr. Dry

    The problem is that there are about 8 episodes per season that are totally unnecesary. They keep using a format that relies on an unique or a pair of storylines per episode, when they have dozens of them to use! Now, more than ever, they should use a format like Game Of Thrones, and give us a bit of every location each week and cut that bunch of superfluous “lets walk in the woods and get speech-y” moments, that keep coming like pouring rain each fucking season.

  • Biscoito18

    Speaking for myself, I only watched the premiere this season.
    I hated season 5 and season 6 had the serie’s “jump-the-shark” moment for me with all that Glenn’s mystery and that horrible cliffhanger in the end. I gave up and was hard after 6 years, but I can’t watch it anymore.

  • dsxy

    Too much filler and some dull characters, however maybe this is better covered by someone who actually watches the show? This site also has too much pointless crap.

    Each season still has some excellent episodes.

    • Andrew George

      I don’t understand how the site will allow someone to write an article about a show they don’t watch. It seems counterproductive.

      • Creepshow

        Umm…because it’s Brad’s website. So his boss isn’t reading your complaint.

      • Meisha’s Taint

        New to I take it?

  • Saturn

    Well I’m still watching, and (mostly) enjoying the show – but feel that it could do with a little tightening in regards to season length.
    10 episodes per season, more direct and punchier.

  • Matt

    I have been on board since episode 1 of the first season, and I eagerly look forward to Sunday night at 8:00 every week. Some episodes are better than others, but there has never been a show where this was not the case. (And I am one who believes the cliff-hanger last season was great. It really built the anticipation for the next season. People act like this was something new, but I remember a time when it was pretty common.)

    • Andrew George

      As long as the show continues to entertain, I’m right there with you!

    • Vincent Kane

      I’m there with you. I love cliffhangers and especially the one at the end of season 6. Yes there are “down” episodes that I believe can be fixed by getting rid of the one story episodes. Other than that the show can be so great at times I forget about the “bad” of the show.

      • Matt

        I can appreciate your feelings on this, seems like many feel the same way you do. I guess I’m in the minority here, but I don’t mind the more focused, single-story episodes. The “slow downs” don’t really bother me too much. You can’t go 150 MPH all the time, or you’ll blow the engine! As I said, there probably aren’t many that feel this way. So far, I can’t think of any episodes that I can say I hated, or would not watch again.

  • Andrew George

    Do you people understand storytelling? You can’t just go out with guns blazing hoping to capture a story that the majority of fans will enjoy. TWD is known for slow building stories that ultimately lead to a bigger end game. While this season has had some slow moments, it’s apparent everyone’s missing the bigger picture.

    In seven seasons, TWD has yet to see a villain like Negan (sorry Governor fans) and in order to do Negan correctly, there needs to be a story in place. Every episode this season has been about Negan and his hold on the current state of our characters. What the writers have done in six episodes is create a world ruled by Negan that our survivors haven’t experienced and can’t handle. Are we forgetting this show is about the people and not the zombies? Haven’t we seen from the first season that this show is about survival and aren’t we getting that, now seven season in? Negan is by far the biggest threat to our groups existence and had we only see his wrath in one episode, people wouldn’t believe him as a threat. They’re spending the first 8 episodes creating a super bad guy while showing the viewer just how bad his actions are effecting the main group of survivors by showing each progress in smaller storylines (like with Daryl, Morgan/Carol, Maggie/Sasha and Tara).

    Personally, I think it would be boring if they just jumped around each episode to try to fit every character in. That’s where I feel Game of Thrones fails. When you constantly jump around, you loose sight of the bigger picture.

    Also, for those complaining about the cliff hanger at the end of season six, you should all go back and watch some other popular tv shows and see that cliff hangers have been apart of cinema and tv for years. Go see Oz season 1 to season 2 and Game of Thrones season 5 to season 6, just to give you an idea.

    I think the reason why we have seen a decline in ratings is the viewers inability to be patient and see where things lead. In a time where binge watching is a thing, sometimes it’s good to just sit back and watch.

    • nowaygetreal

      They can achieve this by showing parts of each story in each episode. There were so many extraneous scenes in last nights episode that could have easily been spliced in with, say Carol’s boring story. At least we’d be getting 2 stories out of the way at once and they’re able to tighten up the writing instead of adding filler.

      • Andrew George

        It’s hard for me debate you on that, when I actually hate Tara’s character however I was able to look past that and see it more for a Negan backstory than a Tara story.

        That being said, I do agree that they can combine some slower moving stories together to make them a bit more entertaining.

  • J Jett

    i’ve talked to 4 people over past couple of weeks who said there was just something about the Glenn death ep that just turned them off from the show and they haven’t been back since (and have no desire to return to it). that may mean nothing in the long haul but it could be something as well.

    • Andrew George

      A lot of people are upset over Glenn’s death. I get it, it’s depressing but when you look at the grand scheme of things, his was the only death that would reach everyone in the group. Go down the line and look at all the characters effected by Glenn’s death over Abraham’s. It’s more eventful and really sets the tone for Negan.

      Maybe it was a little over the top as far as violence, but who doesn’t like a bit of violence every now and again!

    • Glenn’s death was done right and shouldn’t have been much of a surprise as what happened in the comics.

      What turned me off was the cliffhanger and the fact that we had to wait to see it. I lost excitement after that.

      • Andrew George

        Did you really lose excitement having to wait? If anything, it cause me to eagerly anticipate the next season. Had they showed you who they killed, what would you really have to look forward to for season seven?

        They created one of the most tense moments in show history and made me feel like I was in that line up.

        • I get the idea of a cliffhanger, but seems like it’s used too much in this show. The show really feels milked and that’s why I lost excitement…to see who dies anyways.

          Don’t get me wrong though, I never miss an episode.

          • Andrew George

            Maybe I missed it, but when has there been a cliffhanger in TWD as big as this?

          • As big? I don’t think you can compete, however the first thing that came to mind was being locked up in the train car and you know those guys were also up to no good.

          • Andrew George

            I figured that would be your go to. As much as I liked that, the one reason I don’t feel that was a big cliffhanger was because we knew, for the moment, that the survivors were safe. It led to a great deal of anticipation for season 5, but I don’t consider them using cliffhangers more than they should.

          • Perhaps I put too much emphasis on cliffhanger and need to put more on the word milked.

          • Evi

            They’d actually teased Glenn’s death just a few weeks prior before he turned out to be ok. The writers seem quite fond of using sleight of hand tricks to keep viewers interested.

        • Evi

          I actually found the cliffhanger to be a remarkably dirty trick, and I doubt I’m the only person who feels that way. For me a good cliffhanger is a “holy shit, what happens next!” sort of moment (think the ending of season 3 of Breaking Bad) not a “lets all speculate about who died offscreen” sort of moment.

  • Aaron King

    I love this show so much and am baffled by hate. If the loss in viewers is due to not enough physical action then I feel sorry for those people. Character development and telling a story well seem to be a dying art.

  • Last night was a just a bad episode, that’s it. Perfect timing to cash in on an article like this.

  • Charles Schmeltz

    I bailed on the show after season three when it was really gaining in popularity and rising to unheard of levels in viewership. To me, having the entire world fall in love with the show not only ruined the special event status the show had with me up until the point, but also shifted the show towards a more mainstream audience. Focus on the zombies disappeared and shifted towards “big bads” and increasingly high levels of graphic violence. They killed off most of the characters I cared about the the survivors just got more and more depressing. I simply don’t care about anyone on the show.

    • Andrew George

      I don’t understand the comment that the show switched to big bads. Negan is the second villain in TWD to last more than 4 or 5 episodes.

      Terminus lasted 2 or 3 episodes.
      Wolf’s lasted 4 episodes.

      • Charles Schmeltz

        Don’t forget the Governor, who lasted a season and a half

        • Andrew George

          Very well said. Maybe you should try and get into this new season to see Negan, who operates on a different playing field than the Governor.

      • Charles Schmeltz

        He took over during the stretch when I checked out. And like I said, most of the characters I really liked were killed during this time so that did nothing to recapture my waning interest. Shows like this are all about personal taste. Super villains like The Governor are so cartoonishly evil, their presence makes very little sense in a show that was originally supposed to be grounded in reality and show what a zombie apocalypse would look like if if actually happened.

  • Dan

    I am a fan for sure. I the slow burn is getting a little played out. I think fans have zero desire to see Daryl & Rick turn into complete pansies. I know there will be an endgame retribution will be handed out, but maybe the show just hit that wall. After the juggernaut #’s up until this point, AMC is still a big winner.

    • Andrew George

      Why did the show hit a wall? Just because there’s been one or two episodes that didn’t live up to the standards previously set, doesn’t mean they hit the wall.

      The show still has 11 million viewers and I bet that come mid season, those people who left will come back, especially when they see the endgame you spoke of.

      • Dan

        I bet AMC knows what wall I mean, the ratings wall that costs them revenue. I still love the show, but the slow burn can get a little taxing at times.

  • Bill Kim

    I personally know a lot of vaginas who complained about the violence level of the death of Glenn. I cheered it because of it’s damn close to frame by frame copy of the comic book death. It was so epic and poignant and Glenn’s character was so well developed in the television series that yanking the carpet out from under the viewers like that was the best thing they could’ve done to us in my opinion! That and the non-comic character that Darryl (who is pretty much the most popular character in the television series!) being primarily responsible for that death and he knows it makes it all the better! I’ve enjoyed the portrayals of all the major villains in the series thus far. I hated The Governor in the comics. You instantly felt disgust with him in the comics, he came off as some sort of deviant. David Morrisey’s portrayal was way more charismatic, something more what you would think. In the Governor-centric episode I was almost hoping he would have a turn around! Learning more about him as an individual made you almost LIKE him. That was probably my favorite episode of the season. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is playing Negan so much larger than I thought Negan was in the comic, so much more personality. Uhhhh what was my point… oh, the story telling. Yeah. That’s what I was getting at. Those same people I know who bitched about Glenn’s death also complained about the story telling episodes. I fucking hate that, I mean, God forbid you get to know the characters and have some interested vested in them right?

    • Matt

      Yeah, what he said.

    • Bill Kim @ you perfectly nailed it. 8) 8)

    • Andrew George

      Perfect. Goes back to what I said earlier. People don’t get storytelling.

  • Grimphantom

    Sadly when shows go too long and not having a very detailed plan where you have a beginning and an ending as we seen for example Breaking Bad. I know when a show gets popular people want more, if you have good ideas and still continue the series then go ahead but if you don’t and can’t come up with something but pointless and boring plots then you have a problem.

    This is an anime but take a an example One Piece where the creator originally wanted to end the series in 7 years but released that there’s a huge world with tons of characters and knew places to explore he continued but he had a plan to do it, adding more stuff and make different story arcs, Last one was a bit long and a bit pointless i give you that but the current arc is getting very interesting.

    Walking Dead fall into “too much popularity side effect” where people demand more episodes and when you try to please them they are disappointed and it happens alot, hearing the fans what THEY want to see will affect the show entirely, not saying to ignore fans but don’t take their ideas for the show too seriously.

    This is why i’m happy that “Gravity Falls” ended i mean i would’ve love to see more episodes but the show started out very strong with really memorable moments and with an ending that wraps it up just gives it a nice satisfaction but still watch it because how good the episodes are…….can you say the same with Supernatural? They are in 12 season! How can everyone remember a scene from them?

    This is why you guys need to learn when you start with a TV series, know to have a plan where you have an beginning and an ending.

    • Andrew George

      TWD team says they have enough story and a heading on where they’d like to take the show for the next six years if they choose to go that far.

      I don’t think this has anything to do with trying to fill a season. Just because people don’t agree with an episode, doesn’t mean it was filler. The seeds for this episode were planeted at the end of season six, for them to just leave them out would be stupid. Maybe they had a little more confidence than they should have for a character they want to make a main one.

    • niuq

      But… it’s based on comics that are way ahead of the show. And Kirkman acknowledges that he knows how the story ends. I’m not sure what you’re saying. Having read the books I know where the story is headed probably over the next 2-3years. Maybe some details or nuisances change, but the overall arc is heading in a direction that’s well established. The show is currently the best its ever been.

      • Grimphantom

        True but we already seen how the show changes stuff from what the comic has time and time again where some even question to why they kill a certain character that plays a big role in a future arc in the comics.

        Kirkman says alot and some even question him because he sees that the TV show is getting him lots of money so he has to continue with it even when he had a different plan to end the series. He already announced Invincible will end next year and maybe later announce Walking Dead to end too but the tv series will continue, you never know what plans he has.

  • Hash-Slinging Slasher

    Armchair Brad, bored on a Monday.

  • md65000

    The reason for the ratings decline is very simple. The show is boring. Every episode is more boring than the last. The writers seem to think that they no longer need to follow the rules of how to tell a good story. Instead of presenting an interesting story for us to watch unfold, the current episodes are just a linear chain of scenes with silly dialog and zero plot development. That’s BORING!!!

    • Andrew George

      Do you care to provide facts behind your statement or are you trying to troll people here? Not sure how you can say every episode has been more boring that the previous and still be able to watch the show. If what you’re saying is true and you do find the show boring, than you should have stopped watching at episode 2, thus making your statement irrelevant.

      • md65000

        “Boring” is not fact– it’s an opinion. Last I checked this is still a free country and I’m just as entitled to state my opinion as you are. I think the season 7 episodes are extremely boring. I continue to (try to) watch it in the hope that it will improve.

        • Andrew George

          Yes boring is an opinion. That’s not what I was referring to. Usually when someone says the past episodes show zero plot developments, it’s good to see examples because there’s been plenty of plot developments.

          • md65000

            Dude you’ve been replying to every post here for the past 4 hours! Why don’t you turn your computer off and go spend sometime with your girlfriend? Never mind–that was a stupid question.

          • Andrew George

            Wow, that was so clever. It must have took a lot of courage to insult me over the Internet.

    • Meisha’s Taint

      BINGO you nailed it.

      It’s like a child telling a story, “and then this happened! and then this happened! and then this!” No plot what so ever

  • Anthony Gulino

    just a case where most of the bandwagon jumpers who got on the past three seasons have now jumped off, the people who have invested time since season one episode one are probably still around give or take a few percent, i will say this last episode was so predictable and lazily written that it even turned me off a bit.. As for Negan i think JDM needs to tone down the schtick a little because it just too much, im finding him much less menacing than he should be..

    • Andrew George

      How are you finding him less menacing because I think the show version at this point far outweighs the comic version. His dialogue is better in the show, his thought process is more sadistic in the show. Just the way he has no regard for human life is something we haven’t seen.

      • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

        They should’ve had Steven Ogg play Negan instead, I find him a lot more menacing and a whole lot less cartoony than Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

    • Dan Wettlaufer

      I agree with you Anthony. The Neagen shtick has gotten old real fast.

  • This is the third article I’ve seen about this and it’s way overblown. The Walking Dead is still KILLING every other show on AMC in the ratings, with close to three times the viewership of the next closest scripted show (Fear the Walking Dead).

    • Meisha’s Taint

      “Killing” the other shows on AMC is like saying your the smartest kid in the special ed class……..not much of an accomplishment their glory days are long gone

      • Long gone? They’re just ramping up. Except HBO, AMC is producing more great original content than any other channel.

        • Matt

          I agree. I am looking forward to the return of ‘Into the Badlands’.

  • CelticBull

    You clearly don’t know what you are talking about.
    TWD has to compete with another show with a similar fanbase nowadays: Westworld.
    Since the makers of TWD chose to tell each of the storylines one episode at a time, people are simply choosing to watch Westworld first, if their favourite characters are not in that night’s TWD episode.
    Last night’s episode will show a significant drop in ratings, no doubt, because it a) wasn’t a very good episode
    and b) revolved around two unpopular characters.
    Next week, however, will be a Daryl/Negan centered episode, so you better start working on your article about the sudden spike in ratings…

    • Meisha’s Taint

      Nope he’s right

  • chicago_animal

    Love this season! Negan makes it so much better!
    Also, TWD fans are such bitches. It was a cliffhanger finale. Stop crying and live your life til it starts back up. Man, imagine if these people watched GOT! I really hope they kill Daryl so they will cry more.

  • Dan

    The only thing about the cliffhanger that bothered me was we were given the impression we’d know who Negan killed by the media the cast was doing prior to the episode airing. Still growing tired of the slow burn, but we usually get paid off in the end.

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Nope I was pissed about Michael Rooker and stopped watching. They seem to kill anyone with the ability to act and keep all the duds for way to long. When you start to rout for them to die (especially Glen ) it’s time to turn it off.


    Carol is great but the rest the cast are boring no personality the writing is bad the zombies are just props that pose no threat you can take out 50 on your own with a screwdriver and negan is so over the top terrible…

  • Alanmac

    I’m a fan of the show since the first episode but after Sunday night’s showing, (worst in the show’s history), I told my wife that unless something HUGE happens in these last 2 episodes before the midseason break, I’m done with the show. This entire season has SUCKED other than the first half of the opener.

  • llcc1103

    bottom line is.. the writing for this show is soap opera level atrocious. Most episodes are just boring conversation after boring conversation. Negan is a huge disappointment. Very corny and boring.

    • Mike Lawrence

      The dialogue is a major problem.

  • I say get rid of the whiny viewers who were just watching the show because it was popular and their friends watched it. Who needs them, they are just dead weight.

  • shoe1985

    I think the show has just gotten boring. Negan is a great character, but it seems like they don’t know what to do with him. Carol is possibly the most boring character on the show, and they keep her around. But the show has been on a long time. So, not really much more of a story to tell other then going to different locations. People say the zombies are playing second fiddle, which is true, but they have discovered that you can live with them around.

  • Mike Lawrence

    The problem really is that the show has been getting more and more boring for years. Fans keep hanging on, hoping it’ll go back to what it was, and keep being disappointed.

    The show is repetitive. Someone strays from the group, someone is abducted, a new bad guy is introduced, rinse and repeat every season. That, and every character you attach yourself to is used as a shock kill to head and tail each season premiere and finale. They’ve just killed too many great characters for no reason, yet saved most of the characters no one cares about. I barely recognize a lot of the characters any more on the show because you only see them once or twice per season given the way they devote an entire episode to one character and leave story lines unresolved for months in some cases. It’s been so long that you didn’t even care to see Tara find out her girlfriend died. It happened in Spring and we’re supposed to care about it now in late November???

    The only argument any lingering hard core fan has is that the comic book is similar, “have you read the comics?”, they always say! No, I havent. And who cares?? There’s a comic book style, and there’s a tv show style, and if Walking Dead proves anything it might just be that the two are better left as separate entities. Viewers have a certain expectation as they invest into a series, and one of them is that every notable character doesn’t die on a constant basis. But that’s just one of this shows many problems…

  • Khy

    This show is in its 7th season- of course viewership is going to decline majorly sooner or later. Sure those are ginormous drops but TWD has experienced success that few other shows on television have ever experienced. Though I hear this season has really been a bore and considering that’s why I stopped watching after Season 3- I’m not totally surprised. Though this show won’t be canceled, this is still TV’s most talked about show AND AMC’s biggest. So no it’s not going anywhere, but they better make some changes quick.
    Next season they should just make it 10-12 episodes and actually try to make those interesting. People are fed up with seasons that have nothing going on other than the premier and finale with maybe one or two episodes in-between being noteworthy. I’m surprised AMC was able to get away with that gimmick for this long.

  • Reanimated Charlie

    The show has been kind of crap ever since the end of Season 2 and 3 anyways. Not entirely surprised.

  • Melissa Sharp

    I think the biggest issue is there are way too many episodes focused on one character or they have an arc then you don’t know what happened for a few weeks because they don’t go back to it until then and you lose interest. Another issue is long drawn out scenes that could be done in less time. Someone said on the IMDB message board that it may be fine for binge watching but when you have to wait a long time to see what happens you begin to lose interest. We are now 6 episodes in and . I am sure it will tie up in the end. What they should do is break up their character episodes and go back and forth between the different arcs then you never really lose interest in what is going on and then you will always have cliffhangers spread throughout the season. It would take a few episodes to get through a character centered episode. It would be way better! It is okay to have a character centered episode on an occasion but all the time is ridiculous. Tara has been so far out of the loop I completely forget what happened to her and I forgot who the guy with her was! I had to really think about last season. Plus her whole episode could have summed up in 20 – 30 minutes. It didn’t need all that time. People have been complaining about too many character centered episodes since season 3. They need better editors.

  • Antonio Echeverria

    MANY people watch this show online, as I do. Those ratings can’t be tracked. I’ve heard so many friends complain about the MASSIVE amounts of commercials AMC runs, so I’m overjoyed that I haven’t watched anything on TV in years. Also, when you have a season premier that’s so widely anticipated, you’re bound to lose viewers afterwards.
    I really don’t understand all the hate this show gets from my fellow Horror fans. If it was perfectly OK for “Evil Dead 2” to mix in some slapstick comedy way back in the 80s, WTF is wrong with mixing in real drama?? That’s how Art works, folks! Cross-pollination. Mixing genres and sub-genres to create something NEW. People who hate on this show for being “boring” are like ADHD babies who need constant stimulation. Easy to argue that this kind of puritanical idiocy is precisely what keeps the Horror genre stale, at least in Hollywood with its “torture porn” fetishes. TWD is a revolution in Horror. Nothing less.

  • They killed all the good characters and replace them with a bunch of wimpy men and women that would never last in an apocalypse. If they are going by the comics then they should burn them and do their own story arc because since season 2-3 this show has died.

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