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‘Inside’ Creator says the Game is Heading to the Switch

Switch fans feeling left out with Playdead’s Inside being on everything but your shiny new Nintendo console? Worry no more, as Inside creator Arnt Jensen revealed to Famitsu that their acclaimed follow-up to their also-acclaimed Limbo will be headed to the console, as well as iOS.

No release date has been announced for either release, but it’s quickly becoming apparent that Nintendo is trying to right the wrongs of their past consoles (since the N64, when you think about it) when it comes to third-party support. We already know about Capcom’s efforts to bring more recent entries of their Resident Evil series to the Switch (still waiting on Resident Evil VII, though), as well as the surprising announcement by Bethesda bringing Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and DOOM to the console. The question is, will these conversions to the Switch be able to pull off what gamers expect?

That probably won’t be an issue for Inside, but with this port (and with all of them, really), will we also be getting some Nintendo-exclusive content? The speculation game continues…

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  • Reason

    This is a phenomenal game but has absolutely no replay value. I’d still recommend it if you can get it at a good price!

  • Colonel Ives

    maybe try not to use a screenshot from the ending? spoiling some visuals for people that haven’t played the game yet

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