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RIP ‘Dead Space’ Dev Visceral Games

Sad news for those fans of Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno, as EA has decided to close down Visceral Games. The reasoning for the closure is due to the nature of Visceral’s current project, a single-player Star Wars game, and the view based on “fundamental shifts in the marketplace” that require EA to “pivot the design”. That game will now be headed up by EA Vancouver.

Visceral Games started out as EA’s Redwood Shores studio. The studio changed its name to Visceral Games in 2009 following the release of Dead Space in 2008. Their catalog of games ranges from the previously mentioned Dead Space series and Dante’s Inferno, to licensed games based on films like The Godfather and Lord Of The Rings. Recently, the company spent time working on DLC for Battlefield and the spin-off Battlefield Hardline.

Obviously, anyone who’s been around the industry knows that this happens on occasion, and EA is no stranger to situations like these. Studios like Maxis, Bullfrog, Pandemic, Origin and Westwood have all been laid to rest under EA’s watch, mostly due to poor performance of those studios’ games. And after the lukewarm reception to Dead Space 3, and the franchise’s subsequent hibernation, it seemed like it was only a matter of time.

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  • Meatwad

    Good bye VG. I’m a huge fan of the DEADSPACE series and thank you for giving us that. IMO, the best horror game out there period!

    *Too bad Issac and Carver’s fate will never find some disclosure. Ah well.

  • Nekrim

    If EA had been a real person IRL we would call him a mass murderer given all the great studios it “killed”

  • Joshua Tyren Reece

    Well…everyone that sells his Soul to EA has to know that they will gladly devour it. Next is Bioware. A Developer that today is only a Husk what once was a great Studio.

  • Cali-Chainsaw

    I saw it coming

  • Brett Lovejoy

    Can’t wait for EA to take that Star Wars title and absolutely slaughter it by injecting microtransactions, loot boxes, and bad multiplayer into it.

  • John Connor

    So. And?

    These are properties that will live on and be milked by the studio.

  • RJ MacReady

    Damn, was really hoping for DS4. Hopefully another developer will pick it up.

  • At least the star wars game isn’t getting cancelled, but sad to see these guys go. DS is a great game

    • Doctor Dementor

      without Visceral games i predict A FUCKIN USELESS OPENWORLD with a transparent scenario

      • Geralt Ravix

        Don’t forget microtransactions!

        • Doctor Dementor

          Holy moly! those damn lootbox!!

      • This is true. My expectations have plummeted for this one.

  • Travis_Bickle

    EA = Evil Assholes

  • DrewHamster

    I’m going to be forever pissed if the Dead Space franchise never continues and officially ends on a cliffhanger.

  • Brian McNatt

    This is an ugly shame. Dead Space 2 is the horror game I’ve replayed the most, and I actually like a lot of Dead Space 3.

  • Sad face. Visceral games always delivered exciting nightmarish stuff! Oh well, hope they somehow manage to keep the creative vibe if they end up founding a new company

  • Geralt Ravix

    The sad thing is that Dead Space 3 wasn’t well received thanks to EA completely screwing with VG’s initial vision of the game, which would delve deeper into Isaac’s psyche, exploring his psychosis… Instead EA turned it into a shooting gallery with a generic story and… MICROTRANSACTIONS! They broke VG’s legs and then finished the job. #FUCKEA. Worst company ever.

    • gantarat

      Dead Space 3 Overall It’s not bad game just lost charm that 1-2 have.

      • Collin

        I was about to say the same thing. The first two (2 especially) were tightly crafted thrill rides (I’d say 2 is just about as good as RE4 tbh). The third one had a significant dip in the quality of the writing (which was solid in the first two games if not great) and completely sucked any tension out of the proceedings with customizable weapons and the wide open well lit environments.

        But it’s not terrible, no. Just a huge step down from everything the first two games accomplished.

  • Andrew Dragnov

    I hope some company will buy right on Dead Space franchise and make some nice sequel or series reboot. Dead Space was too damn good to be just “abandoned and hibernated”. And yeah – R.I.P. Visceral games.

  • das boot

    “fundamental shifts in the marketplace” and “pivot the design” are just fancy words. The studio was in a total mess internally suffering from a plethora of issues with management, art etc.With more than 5 years in development and absolutely nothing to show for it, EA decided it wasn’t worth it to keep supporting this studio and thus had to shut it down.

    • dicknipple

      They were a great studio that got completely torn apart by EA – if you’re interested, have a look at some of the in depth examinations of what happened – its really sad

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