[Stanley Fest ’14 Review] ‘The Sacrament’ Is Highly Effective and Suspenseful!

  • eagleye

    Solid review. I’m eagerly anticipating this film. Ti West is a strong film maker. I do wonder whatever happened to his project titled “The Side Effect”. There’s a tv show coming out this summer, I think, called “Extant” that sounds strangely similar to the supposed plot. I hope he doesn’t abandon his plans for his western.

    • EvanDickson

      The western is still going ahead. Spoke to him yesterday.

  • damian13613

    Did you catch ” Nothing Bad Can Happen”? Wow easily the most power film film at the Stanley Film Fest. Sacrement was better than expected as well.

    • EvanDickson

      Didn’t see it!

  • Full Frontal Squashing

    I watched this the other day On-Demand, and I could not agree more with your review! Great movie. West does it again.

  • matt

    Just saw it, everything was great from the acting to the overall dread feeling in the film. This was Ti West’s best so far

  • Chamber

    Saw it and I didn’t care much for it. Ti West is not one of my favorite directors, but for some reason, I keep giving his movies a chance. Despite some great stunts and a very convincing performance by the actor who played “Father”, the movie was just not what I expected, which was an advancement in the “death cult” genre. It does nothing new, and is pretty run of the mill. Sorely disappointed.

  • Adrian Sewell

    This was so suspenseful and so scary. Ti West is the man.

  • http://interrogatingideologywithachainsaw.blogspot.com/ izombiheartzoey

    I was totally suckered into this movie. Although, all the way though I was hoping for something unexpected to happen, but the only the expected happened! Not entirely a terrible thing, because I was sold on the characters and their journey. I was wonder if they picked that weirdo cult leader because he looked and dressed like Kim Jong Il?

  • Astroid_Andy

    Having greatly anticipated this film since I first reading about it on here some months ago (was this late last year? I know it’s been a while), I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this film. The ending (I knew it was coming) was shocking and very disturbingly shot. For a movie with virtually no gore besides a few shots of blood, this was very brutal and visceral. It more than made up for my disappointment with Godzilla. This review nailed it perfectly.