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‘Daylight’ Review: Get Lost

One of 2014’s most high profile horror games has been out for a couple of days now. Daylight blends supernatural horror with a procedurally generated environment that guarantees each playthrough is different from the next. And it’s from Zombie Studios, a developer that’s already very familiar with our favorite genre, having developed the duo of Saw games for a few years back.

Daylight has a lot of potential. Let’s find out if it’s another horror success story in my review.

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  • Kane Soto

    beat it in an hour and a half had one good jump scare that made me jump the rest of the game was bland and boring…. good atmosphere failed in story and fear… nice try modded slenderman

  • Blood-Sicles

    I gotta agree with the reviews on this one. Really looked forward to this game, and it seems they focused on making their environments (barely) change instead of keeping the scares fresh. Literally, there is only one monster and one type of scare (even though it managed to make me jump more than once). Still, I’ve paid more for worse games, and the graphics are actually pretty damn good for a $10 game- even if it doesn’t take advantage UE4’s potential. If this didn’t come out a week before Outlast’s similarly-priced DLC (and in a year packed with promising horror releases), I would be a bit more forgiving.

  • Taboo

    Yeah I think I’ll be skipping on this one and saving my money for Outlast dlc 🙂

    • Adam Dodd

      I think that’s a swell idea.

  • Sutter Cane

    I can’t even get it to play properly, so buggy. Would not recommend to anyone.

  • qqryq

    Here are tweaks that helps run Daylight smoother:

    Game for me is… Well: not bad, but for one time only. I expected something more than Eight Pages variation…

  • eupfhoria

    Finished this earlier today. I managed to snag it for free so no complaining here. I thought it was pretty fun for most of the game. Jump scares get me pretty easily and there are a ton of those. I know that people are comparing it to the Slender Man games but I’ve never played them so maybe it seems fresher to me. However, it did end kind of sudden. I don’t think I would play this game through more than once.

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