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Black Friday Chopping List: TV



Black Friday


Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! As many of you probably already know, that means Black Friday is right around the corner. While stores aren’t necessarily as packed as they used to be thanks to online deals and events like Cyber Monday, Black Friday is nonetheless a very stressful and busy day for some people. There are just so many deals out there! I don’t know about any of you, but I choose to stay out of the brick-and-mortar stores and stick to online shopping in my pajamas at my home.

Horror has been trendy with television nowadays, so here is a list of some of the must-have horror TV shows that we think you should consider purchasing this Black Friday! For the cheapest prices, check out this page on They show you the best Blu-Ray deals in real time.

Serial Killers

Bates Motel

What better way to prepare for the upcoming fourth (and fifth!) season of the weirdest mother/son duo in cinema history? Watch season three!

Black Friday


We must all mourn the loss of one of televisions greatest shows in decades (and that’s no hyperbole), but at least we were able to get three fantastic seasons out of it. If you have yet to see it, go ahead and purchase Bryan Fuller’s masterful conclusion to his brilliant series.

Black Friday

Twin Peaks

Okay, Twin Peaks is more about a demonic entity named Bob, but he is a serial killer. If you, like myself, missed Twin Peaks during its original run (I was just 1 when it premiered in 1990), now’s your chance to catch up before the reboot/sequel/limited series hits in 2017!

Black Friday

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