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Jonny’s Top 5 Horror Soundtracks of 2015



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When it comes to horror movies, the soundtrack is one of the most vital and under-appreciated aspects in terms of setting the mood and creating suspense. The right note at the right time can change a scene from being mildly creepy to incredibly unsettling, creating something that haunts our dreams night after night. Many horror soundtracks are owed a huge debt of gratitude by their films and audiences.

While this year had several astonishingly good horror movies (as shown by Brad’s Top 10 Horror Films of 2015), there were a few titles whose musical offerings really stood out for me.

Below are five soundtracks that really stood out for me in terms of their creativity, their scare factor, and, as it should be, just how much fun they were!

It should be noted that these are in alphabetical order and that’s it. I didn’t rank them from #5 to #1. They’re each fantastic.

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