The Version of 'Cult of Chucky' on Netflix is NOT Unrated - Bloody Disgusting
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The Version of ‘Cult of Chucky’ on Netflix is NOT Unrated



Want to see the fully unrated cut? Don’t watch it on Netflix.

The release strategy for Don Mancini’s Cult of Chucky, the bonkers seventh installment in the Child’s Play franchise, sure is an interesting one. Not only is the film already set to play on AMC later this month, but it’s just been made available for instant streaming on Netflix… same day as the DVD/Blu-ray!

But be forewarned: the version of Cult of Chucky streaming on Netflix is the RATED cut, which looks to be about a minute shorter than the Unrated cut.

Furthermore, the Netflix version DOES NOT have the awesome post-credits scene.

My advice? Watch Cult of Chucky through a traditional VOD outlet or purchase the DVD/Blu-ray. Not only will you be able to enjoy the fully Unrated cut (with the post-credits tease), but you’ll also be putting more money in Chucky’s pockets and helping ensure that Mancini gets to continue the franchise on his own terms.

Oh and the physical copy includes deleted scenes, featurettes, commentary and a mini doc about the franchise’s family ties that’s guaranteed to warm your heart!