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[Review] White Willow ‘Terminal Twilight’



Let me paint a picture for you: my windows are streaked with rivulets of rain. The skies are a bluish-grey. The water on the lake behind my house is rippling from shore to shore. The wind is howling and the trees are not so much swaying as dancing, dead leaves flying through the air, spinning and circling aimlessly. Inside, I have a glass of red wine poured and Terminal Twilight, the latest album from White Willow, playing. Join me after the jump to hear my thoughts on this latest venture from the Norwegian prog-rock band. 

Opening with Hawks Circle, the immediate feeling I got was of a classic Argento horror film. The synths and tones used, as well as the melody, sounded like something out of Suspiria or Dawn Of The Dead. The track sounds like a mixture of the artiness of classic King Crimson and the sludge rock elements of Mastodon, all mixed underneath swirling synths and moody mellotrons. It’s a song that perfectly encompasses all that the listener is about to hear.
The production is gorgeous, lush and warm. It’s albums like this that make me remember why I loved truly listening to music in the first place. There is a wide variety of instrumentation going on as well as multiple tones from each instrument. Terminal Twilight is an album that begs for attention and is more than deserving of it.
Terminal Twilight is an album full of gorgeous passages and haunting melodies. A Rumor Of Twilight is an instrumental with a lovely acoustic guitar and an almost churchlike choir towards the end. Famed English musician Tim Bowness joins White Willow on the sublime Kansas Regrets, a beautiful, subtle song.
The Final Word: Should you every find yourself in a day like the one I described above, this album matches the mood perfectly. Stunningly beautiful, almost heart achingly so, Terminal Twilight unfolds and reveals itself like a painting that shows more and more with each viewing. White Willow may very well have delivered an album that stands next to LeprousBilateral as my Album of the Year.

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