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[DVD Review] ‘Some Guy Who Kills People’ Is Witty Fun



A take on the fable of ‘don’t pick on kids because they’ll snap one day and kill you’, Some Guy Who Kills People is a simple story about Ken Boyd – a man recently released from a mental hospital. After surviving a traumatic beat down by the high school basketball team – and a subsequent suicide attempt –Some Guy adds an extra element to the tortured kid story by giving them a bullied child of their own to take care of. It’s a satisfying movie in that you can tune out and enjoy yourself while watching it, but by adding that little extra element – of a down and out type trying desperately to have a normal life – it makes it that much more enjoyable.

Rarely do such movies show a soft side to such a main character, and perhaps it is Kevin Corrigan’s portrayal of Ken Boyd that captures it. Dealing with living his mother (Karen Black) at age 34, Boyd already has mountains to conquer – but add in a disrespectful boss of the local ice cream parlor that he’s employed at – and the additional struggle of trying to court an interested woman – and Corrigan’s acting speaks volumes. He is able to pull off anguish and heartbreak with a blank face. Of course, witty dialogue – and a well rounded cast – amplifies simple things – like Boyd’s rough denial of an extra scoop of ice cream on the house to a repeat patron. For being so simple in every way, it is great to see just how fulfilling it is.

The DVD includes a sparse amount of extras, but in the case of Some Guy Who Kills People – it is all about quality vs. quantity. The short film The Fifth, which inspired the film, is superb. Four guys sit waiting for their fifth buddy to show up to a poker game. When he finally does, he drags in a dead body – shocking a new member of the group. Casually the group explains that he is a serial killer – and has been since being laid off four months ago. As the 12 minute short continues, it grows more absurd. Like the full length feature film, blood goes spurting, convincing dialogue is thrown about and there are plenty of laughs.

Besides a trailer and commentary with director Jack Perez and writer/producer Ryan Levin, there is a Making Of Featurette. This delightful piece includes how many of the effects were done. It is refreshing to see people still using simple methods of making blood spray and severed hands and heads look real in lieu of CGI. Also mentioned is the amazing cast. Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Lucy Davis, Karen Black and the incredible young Ariel Gade – make up an ensemble that are brutally convincing as their characters. Their dedication to delivering believable performances. Kevin Corrigan alone is underrated as an actor. He casually portrays Ken Boyd to the point that Ken is real. Ariel Gade plays Ken’s daughter Amy. Gade’s ability to bring Amy to life is amazing for being as young as she is. She is truly deserving of more roles. There is also a bit interview with executive producer John Landis in the Making Of that shows his approval of the film.

While movies usually lean to either going with full on gore or full on intelligent storyline – Some Guy Who Kills People is smart and gratifying in that it delivers both. For that, it will be a welcome addition to any DVD library.

Score: 4/5


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