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[Album Review] Twitch The Ripper ‘Colorblind’



It’s been almost two years since Twitch The Ripper brought their debut album Bodiless. In that time, a great deal has happened for duo Jon Dobyns and Lonn. They’ve gone on several national tours as well as signed to electronic record label Metropolis Records. All of this has combined in inspiring the band to create their sophomore album Colorblind. Heavily inspired by the glory days of 80’s electronic/synthpop, does this album work or simply leave my nostalgic taste buds disappointedly lacking? Check below for the full review!

Opening with “Safe House”, the mood begins somber as warm pads hover and ambient notes trickle down. Suddenly programmed beats come swooping down and Jon Dobyns’ vocals enter, often doubled providing simple yet effective vocal harmonies. This forlorn intro track then gives way to “Strange Behavior”, a track that is pretty much forces your toes to tap and head to nod while being musically cheerful. The lyric delivery is also very catchy in the chorus. I caught myself humming along very quickly.

“Take Me To Oblivion” and “We Won’t Talk About It” open with very simple yet interesting synth tones. It’s sounds like this that keep Bodiless modern even though it exudes 80’s appreciation from every pore.

From a production standpoint, this album sounds beautiful. There are a wide variety of sounds and they are positioned wonderfully in the mix. Very infrequently does singer Jon Dobyns go a bit off key. On rock records, where instruments waver in tune simply because the musician hits or strums them too hard, this adds authenticity to the overall feel. However, on electronica/synthpop, the instruments are almost constantly in perfect tune. Therefore, these rare occasions of vocals going out of tune are quite noticeable.

People will easily be able to make comparisons to Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, New Order, and such bands. However, Twitch The Ripper are definitely unique unto themselves, constantly evolving and broadening their horizons. If they continue along this path, perhaps one day they will be placed alongside these names.

The Final Word: A total throwback to the glory of 80’s electronica, Colorblind is a catchy, infectious, extremely entertaining release from Twitch The Ripper. A few small hiccups here and there don’t detract from the fantastic nostalgic experience.

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