John McNaughton Heads Back to Horror with 'The Harvest', 'Sweet' - Bloody Disgusting
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John McNaughton Heads Back to Horror with ‘The Harvest’, ‘Sweet’



John McNaughton, the man behind the infamous Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, is back for more horror as he’ll be getting behind the camera for The Harvest, which is said to be a cross between horror and psychological thriller. Penned by Stephen Lacelotti, the film follows a doctor and nurse who are trying to adjust to a new life when their child is born with a debilitating disease. How far are they willing to go in order to save their only son’s life? He’s also developing Sweet for Peter Newman Productions, which follows Steve, an average teenager who happens to get kidnapped and raped by 2 delusional housewives. All Steve and his mother want is for his life to return to normal.


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