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‘Marble Hornets’ Creators To Lend Their Talents To ‘Slender: The Arrival’



I hope you’re ready for some great news. Writers Joseph DeLage, Troy Wagner and Tim Sutton — creators of the popular Marble Hornets web series based on the Slenderman mythos — have joined the development team at Blue Isle Studios to craft an interesting fiction around the upcoming reimagining of Mark Hadley’s insanely popular indie horror game Slender: The Eight Pages. The Arrival takes everything that made the original game such a terrifying hit and expands it with new levels, vastly improved visuals, and more to do than collecting pages. Now it looks like the game will have an interesting story to go with it too. If you haven’t watched the Marble Hornets series, I recommend doing so immediately, because it’s terrifying. Just make sure you have the lights off and the sound up. More after the jump.

As opposed to the game that inspired it, Slender: The Arrival will be a commercial release. Developer Blue Isle has confirmed it will cost less than $20 and release early next year for the PC and Mac. They’re considering a release on Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, and even mobile devices as well, but nothing’s been confirmed yet.

You can watch the Marble Hornets web series, which began three years ago and still continues today, here. It’s a freaky watch. For more information on the game, check out the official website.

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