[TV] AMC Outdoes Itself With Blu-ray Set For "The Walking Dead" Season Three - Bloody Disgusting
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[TV] AMC Outdoes Itself With Blu-ray Set For “The Walking Dead” Season Three



While you’re tuned into AMC later this week watching the back half of The Walking Dead season three (premiering Sunday, February 10 at 9pm ET), you can start salivating over this DVD/Blu-ray box set many of you will eventually buy.

There’s a rundown of the box over at MTV and the whole thing seems pretty cool and very unique. It’s based on The Governor’s custom TV set-up and apparently even requires water. The whole thing was created in conjunction with Robert Kirkman, Todd McFarlane and AMC and features five decapitated zombie heads floating in water.

Kirkman says, “McFarlane has a very intimate relationship with AMC, so I was approving concepts on this Blu-Ray case before Season Three even aired. So while we were building things on set, Todd and the team at McFarlane Toys were coming in and scanning actors and scanning props. So having them come in and do the fish tank with the severed heads while we were still building it for the show is a pretty cool thing, and I think makes these products much more accurate and cooler for the fans.

There’s no release date for the set as of yet, but you can bet we’ll keep you posted. Head inside to check out some images!

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