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6 Horror Games To Play As The World Freezes Over!



Did you hear? There’s a polar vortex sweeping across the country, The Day After Tomorrow style, and unless you’re brave enough to risk instantly freezing as soon as you step outside — like those poor helicopter pilots, they will be missed — the only escape is through video games. Or Dennis Quaid. Since we’re in for a deep freeze, with most of the country already enduring ridiculously low temperatures, I thought I’d come up with a list of horror games we can all enjoy.

Read on for my list of six horror games to play as the world freezes over!

Dead Space 3

The latest installment in Visceral’s bloody strategic dismemberment simulator wasn’t as beloved as the two that came before it, but it’s still very much worth playing. Dead Space 3 is a fantastic co-op action horror game with a decent replay factor, thanks to the return of New Game +, a bevy of modes, unlockables and all that jazz. It’s co-op is entirely optional, so if you’d rather go it alone, you can do so without being hindered by an annoying AI partner. You can also take solace in knowing that as cold as it may be for you now, Isaac has it way worse on the surface of Tau Volantis.

Lost Planet 3

I have mixed opinions when it comes to Lost Planet 3. It fixes many of the issues I had with the other games, but it does so at the cost of being less fun. Lost Planet 2 was stupid, but it was stupid fun, and it certainly didn’t hurt that it had four-player co-op. This is the first to feature a genuinely interesting story and cast of characters, and I love that the RIG is treated as something you need to survive, rather than just a badass tool for tearing apart giant Akrid in two. It might not have completely reinvigorated the franchise, but it’s definitely worth a rental.

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