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‘Doom II’ Turned Into an Open-World Survival Horror Game



As we all patiently wait for Bethesda to shed some light on the next Doom game, which we may even hear from at E3 next month (*fingers crossed*), some fans are working on a total conversion mod of Doom II. It’s still early on, but the results are already thoroughly impressive.

The game is called Total Chaos, and when it’s completed it’ll be an open-world survival horror game where players take on the role of a poor sap who’s been dropped on a mysterious island with nothing but a video camera. Apparently, the island was once a community of coal miners, until they all vanished. Sounds like a spin on the legend of the Roanoke colony.

Because the developer wants to give us the choice to do what we want, that means we can choose to seek out the lost miners, or we can simply strive to survive.

Should you come across one of the island’s less welcoming inhabitants, your options for dispatching them are limited. It sounds like the environment can be used to your advantage, as there will be various hazards strewn about. Otherwise, running away screaming is the tactic I often employ.

For more on Total Chaos, check out its website.