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‘The Grudge’ Director Made the ‘NightCry’ Teaser for Free



Earlier this month, the J-horror game Project Scissors made its official debut as NightCry. The spiritual successor to Clock Tower is being directed by series creator Hifumi Kono, with creature designs by Pyramid Head creator Masahiro Ito. Other “well known talents in the Japanese game industry” have signed on, but they haven’t been revealed yet.

The most impressive name that’s attached to this project belongs to Japanese director Takashi Shimizu (Ju-On, The Grudge). Apparently, that fantastic live-action teaser (see below) they used to announce the project was made by Shimizu for free.

“I was very nervous as I approached him, since we did not have any budget to afford an internationally renowned film director like him.” Kono-san explains when asked how Shimizu-san joined the project. “However, Mr. Shimizu really was intrigued about the project, and kindly agreed to work with us for free as our partner!”

I can’t say I’ve heard very many stories of successful directors offering to do pro bono work. It’s nice to see that kind of passion in a project like this. It bodes well for the final game.

The rest of NightCry director Hifume Kono’s interview can be found over at Destructoid.


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