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‘Visage’ Wants to Show You “True Terror”



Move over Allison Road, there’s a wicked new P.T. successor coming our way and it knows how to make a lasting first impression. SadSquare Studio has launched the Kickstarter campaign for their promising new first-person horror game Visage, which they’ve paired with twelve minutes of footage to give us a taste of its slow-burn terror and shit-out-your-spine jump scares.

Set inside a centuries-old house that’s spent an alarming portion of its existence as an active crime scene, Visage promises to “mess with your mind in such a believably realistic house that when you stop playing, you’ll probably fear your own peaceful house.”

Your main objective over the course of the game’s 6-8 hour single-player campaign is to investigate what is very obviously an ancient and unknowable evil that’s spent hundreds of years killing people. The horror doesn’t seem to be confined to the aforementioned murder manor, as it will “take you to places so twisted that you’ll feel like coming back to the house is actually a good idea.”

A totally doable $24,550 is what SadSquare is looking to raise on Kickstarter so they can release the game on PC in early January 2017. For $45,000, they’ll also bring it to the PS4 and Xbox One, and another $5,000 will get us virtual reality support.


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