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The Russo Brothers ‘Ghostbusters’ is Confirmed Dead




Remember there was a period where there were two Ghostbusters films being discussed? There was the one from Paul Feig, which we’re going to see this summer, and then there was one from the Russo Brothers that was going to star Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt.

Well, as one might have expected from the deafening silence surrounding that project, it’s completely dead and buried with no chance at becoming a non-repeating phantasm, or a class-5 free roaming vapor.

Joe Russo told Forbes the following:

There is no status with that for us. There was a period there when Paul Feig was engaging Sony in talks about Ghostbusters and we were also engaging them. He was further along with his process than we were and he closed his deal so that’s the only Ghostbusters world that’s being explored right now over at Sony. Once we took Infinity War it [took] us off the table for any kind of any potential work on a Ghostbusters project.

The Russos are gearing up for the release of the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War, which comes out May 6th.

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