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The ‘System Shock’ Remake Has Gone Viral



Night Dive Studios’ long overdue remake of the hugely influential 1994 sci-fi horror game System Shock is well on its way to becoming the genre’s biggest crowdfunding success story. As I write this, its wildly popular Kickstarter campaign is about $50k from its $900k goal, and three full weeks to get there. That’s impressive. For some perspective, System Shock raised more cash in one week than Friday the 13th: The Game did in four.

I suspect System Shock will only need a couple more days to hit its initial target, then it’s all about those stretch goals. Here are the stretch goals we’re privy to (there are four others, but they’re currently hidden):

$1.1M — Support for Mac, Linux and Razer Chroma
$1.2M — Additional localization for French, Italian, German and Spanish
$1.3M — New crew members to meet, audio logs to discover and areas to explore in the Citadel station
$1.4M — Add vending machines, weapon crafting/upgrading, mini-games, puzzles and a “true” RPG character progression system
$1.5M — A full orchestral score
$1.7M — An additional scenario and more detailed death cinematics
$1.9M — Remix the original System Shock OST as a bonus for backers who donate at least $30

It looks like we’re not alone in counting the System Shock remake among our most anticipated sci-fi horror games. Have a look at the game’s HUD — a work in progress — in the gallery below.

Night Dive is celebrating the game’s success on Kickstarter with a giveaway, the details of which you can read about here. The System Shock remake is a part of the studio’s ongoing efforts to revive the beloved franchise, which started with a remaster of the original last September, followed by the remake in 2017, and finally, an actual sequel in System Shock 3, developed by Otherside Entertainment.


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