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The Hidden ‘Blair Witch’ Easter Egg Has Been Found; We’ve Got a Screengrab



The missing map is no longer missing.

As you may remember in The Blair Witch Project, Heather and friends have an ongoing argument about their map of the woods that mysteriously goes missing. They never end up finding the map… but all these years later, one eagle-eyed fan just did. As Fandango reported last September, Blair Witch filmmaking duo Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett cleverly hid the missing map in their sequel, sending fans on a little hunt of their own. Furthermore, they offered a $400 cash prize to anyone who could find it. But when the film played in theaters, nobody found it.

Said Wingard:

If any of the viewers out there can spot the map from the first movie in our movie, I’ll give you $200. But you have to point it out. It’s in there. Nobody has ever pointed it out. Even our executives haven’t found it.

Barrett subsequently doubled the pot to $400.

Now that Blair Witch is on home video, the map has been located.


Twitter user C.H. Newell (@fathergore) was pretty sure he had spotted the map at the 108:44 mark, and when he tweeted writer Simon Barrett with the find on Tuesday night, Barrett confirmed that he was correct. Lying on the floor at that exact time is the missing map from The Blair Witch Project, and we were able to screen-grab the shot for you. It’s no wonder nobody spotted the Easter egg in theaters, as it’s very hard to make out and doesn’t appear on screen for very long.

Good work, Mr. Newell. Buy yourself something nice!