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[Discussion] Do You Want to See Dr. Loomis in Next Year’s ‘Halloween’?



There’s a petition that’s been circulating around the net in the wake of Blumhouse and John Carpenter announcing that a new Halloween film, penned by Danny McBride and David Gordon Green and set to be directed by Gordon Green, is headed our way next October. The petition, to date signed by well over 1,000 fans, was created in an effort to beg Blumhouse to cast Robert Englund in the role of Dr. Loomis.

The reason we haven’t shared the petition, as other sites have, is because it’s incredibly silly for a multitude of reasons. For starters, we have no idea if Dr. Loomis is even going to appear in the new Halloween film (the script hasn’t even been written, and we’ve been provided with very little insight at this time), and besides, as fun as fan casting might sometimes be, going one step further and starting a petition to beg a studio to bring YOUR vision to the screen is, well, it’s idiotic. Besides, didn’t Englund basically already play Dr. Loomis in Behind the Mask, ten years ago?!

Now I can only assume the petition was started in the wake of Danny McBride revealing that next year’s Halloween reboot will continue the story told in the original versions of Halloween and Halloween 2 – the assumption from many fans is that this means the new film will be set in the 1980s, and that Dr. Loomis will once again find himself going toe-to-toe with Michael Myers. Of course, we have no idea if it’ll actually be set in the ’80s or jump forward to the present day, but even if it does take place directly after the events of Halloween 2, wouldn’t it stand to reason that Loomis would have died in that hospital explosion? After all, that was Carpenter’s vision… until Halloween 4 came along.

Which brings me to the question I thought worthy of discussing here today. Do you want to see Dr. Loomis in McBride and Gordon Green’s Halloween? Or is Loomis, at this point, better off dead?

Some fans would argue, perhaps rightfully so, that a Halloween film just isn’t a Halloween film without Dr. Loomis – he is, after all, the Ahab to Michael’s Moby Dick – but personally speaking, my number one hope from the new Halloween movie is that it provides a fresh new vision for the franchise. I already wrote a lengthy article about why I think we should all be excited that McBride and Gordon Green are the men in charge, but the gist was essentially this: I’m ready for something new and different.

At this point, we’ve seen two actors play Loomis across seven movies, and I’m just not sure there’s anything left to explore in regards to that doctor-patient relationship. Furthermore, if Gordon Green’s Halloween is set right after the other two, it’d be incredibly jarring to see a new actor trying to be Donald Pleasence; and that’s honestly just not something I have any desire to see.

Robert Englund? He deserves better than playing a character another actor already nailed.

The Halloween franchise no longer needs Dr. Loomis. It doesn’t even need Laurie Strode. It needs only one person, and that person is Michael Myers. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to see him interact with new characters. To do things we haven’t already seen him do. I’m ready, simply put, for the Halloween franchise to break free from nostalgia and bring us something fresh.

Sorry, but there’s just nothing fresh about Robert Englund as Dr. Loomis.

Again, we’ve already seen it…

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