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Kids Made This Awesome ‘King Kong’ Remake Back in 1978



Hungry for more Kong after Skull Island? We’ve got you covered!

I recently caught some heat over on Twitter when I suggested (well, outright stated) that fan films are mostly pointless. I urged young filmmakers to instead spend their money and time making their own art, and that’s something that I stand by. But at the same time, I totally get why people want to make fan films. And if that’s something you want to do, don’t let anyone stop you.

Especially not me. What do I know anyway?!

I bring up fan films today because I just came across one that dates all the way back to 1978. It’s rare that I post fan films here on Bloody, but sometimes they’re just so damn good or otherwise charming that I can’t help myself. This one falls in the latter category, as it was made entirely by ’70s kids; the same kids who made that super charming Jaws sequel I once wrote about.

Just two years after the 1976 remake was released, Rob Hampton and his friends used their Super-8 camera to make a King Kong remake of their own. Mostly using their toys to depict all the monster action, the kids impressively recreated some of the most iconic Kong moments with no budget and very little experience. Sometimes, creativity and imagination is enough.

Oh and long live stop-motion animation. Enjoy.

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