Someone Faithfully Recreated 'Terminator 2' in 'Grand Theft Auto V' - Bloody Disgusting
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Someone Faithfully Recreated ‘Terminator 2’ in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’



Because you always wanted to see Eddie Furlong in GTA.

You can say what you want about Avatar and his extreme devotion to making as many sequels to it as possible, but you simply cannot deny that James Cameron gave us two of the very best action films ever made. Just a few years apart, Cameron brought his action film aesthetic to sequel Aliens and then reinvented his own 1984 film with Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The latter is widely considered to be on the top action films of all time, and it may in fact be the single best.

Why are we talking about Terminator 2 today? Well, one fan with a whole lot of time on his hands just remade nearly the entire film using Grand Theft Auto 5; I’m not even going to pretend to know how something like this is even possible, but he did it and you need to see it. Running an hour-long, the “full film cover” doesn’t recreate every single scene in the movie, but the man behind Kramer’s Media touched upon all the general beats and, best of all, all the greatest hits.

This is INCREDIBLE. Seriously. It’s a must-watch.

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